Sunday, June 8, 2003  [!]
JD Lasica has all the details.

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mer launch vehicle: Today's Launch was scrubbed. Thunderstorms. The Rovers now have names: Spirit and Opportunity. (Story includes the winning essay by Sofi Collis, age 9.) The main link takes you to the Virtual Launch Center.

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(The next launch attempt will be during a workday at JPL. Word is that the launch, while a major and necessary step to getting there, is not the event to cause exuberant celebration in the hallways. Yes, some cheer and certainly colleagues'll follow its progress. But major outbursts will be saved for landing--the toughest part.)

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100% volunteer-effort. Zero budget. It'll be dedicated June 14.

Because the planets were built to scale, it can be something of a game of hide and seek to find the smaller ones.

Earth, which is a bit larger than a softball, is located next to the Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge sign at Percy's Auto Sales. Venus, at 5 inches in diameter, is in a motel parking lot. Mercury, at 2 inches, is in a garden by the highway.

Pluto, the smallest, is an inch in diameter.

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