Saturday, June 7, 2003  [!]
So Corel's going private .... Vector's paying cash for the company - US $1.05 per share.

"We are extremely pleased to have reached a mutually-acceptable proposal with Corel," said Alex Slusky, Vector Capital's Managing Partner. "We believe strongly that Corel's best opportunity moving forward is as a private company. This all-cash transaction offers Corel's shareholders an attractive premium and relieves them of market and operating risk going forward. Without the costs and distractions of the public market, Corel's dedicated employees can focus on what they do best � delivering the highest quality software products to a diverse global customer base." [except for Brycers on the MacOS platform, of course -ed]

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Andrew Plotkin does dessert. [via Looka!] But where is cake? I get cake today!

A Scientific and Rigorous approach to patisserie -- in Full Color

You've seen those charts that say, like, "Periodic Table of the Vegetables" or "Periodic Table of the Sausages"?

They annoy me. Because they're not periodic. They have no vertical or horizontal correspondences. The actual periodic table of chemical elements has structure -- that's why it's cool.

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