Friday, June 6, 2003  [!]
The deadline for the contest to name the Mars Exploration Rovers was January 31 of this year. According to this, the two names come from a single elementary school student.

Sunday June 8 at 2:05 Eastern is the first launch window for MER A [more exciting name to come]. The second launch window is about 39 minutes later.

Why oh why am I not surprised? Sunday's weather forecast predicts a 60 per cent chance of thunderstorms. Late May / Early June at KSC is just that way. If Sunday's launch is scrubbed, there will be two daily launch windows each day thereafter.

Related Mars exploration: Mars Express (Beagle 2) launched earlier this week (June 2) and four days later is 1 million km from earth's center.

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A preview of the Columbia Accident Report, due for public release around the 24th of July. [via NASA Watch]

NASA's poor risk management, questionable policy decisions and constant budget battles were among the root causes of the shuttle Columbia accident, according to an upcoming report by the board investigating the mishap.

A detailed 10-page draft outline of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board's report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel presents a sweeping, hard-hitting review of the technical, organizational and political factors that resulted in America's second space-shuttle disaster. The report traces the accident's causes from the program's origins in the late 1960s to Columbia's breakup over central Texas on Feb. 1.

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fun fun fun (grrr, ouch). Brand new Apple, boots only in OS X. A Quark Job, hence Classic. Tons of fonts, so Extensis Suitcase. Cryptic errors to drive me batty (There are fonts in the suitcase "name of font" that conflict with fonts in the system fonts folder. You must remove the fonts from the system fonts folder & restart before you can activate these fonts with suitcase. ) This post links to the only page that may have the answer to all my problems.

More: Fonts and OS X

For example to turn fonts on and off, not in any of the OS X supported font locations you need Font Reserve or Suitcase installed, but if using classic apps, (ie, Quark or Distiller) then you also need an OS 9 font manager to use your own carefully organised font collection (that typically resides in none of the standard places listed above).

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Jish puts another candle on his birthday cake! Many happy returns of the day!

(I always know when Jish's birthday is. Mine is tomorrow. Hard to forget that way.)

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Look, you don't really have to sign your own name. How about a stick figure? A matrix-like grid? A exploration of several very amusing alteratives.

Reminds me of Madeleine L'Engle in A Circle of Quiet writing about the same thing (your signature is not meaningful) when the little cybernetic salad on the bottom of checks became more important than name and identity. [via kottke]

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