Tuesday, June 3, 2003  [!]
(dive into) Mark's 13-word post generates thoughtful discussion.

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Peter Maass was there.

Baghdad was hectic when two blogging friends e-mailed me to suggest that I track down "Salam Pax." I had no idea who or what they were talking about. I could have handed over the job of sorting out this Salam Pax thing to my interpreter�he was a clever and funny Iraqi who never failed to provide what I needed, whether it was interviews or pizza�but I let it pass. I thought I had better things to do. [Read More]

Heh. and just guess who that interpreter was, hm? Salam Pax responds. What's wrong with "thingy?" I think thingy's just fine, especially when it's a word in your not-native tongue.

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Sign the petition! (I did) It's addressed to the U.S. Congress.

Problem: Extending the copyright time period keeps many works out of the public domain, even though those works are no longer commercially available.

One solution in particular that we ask Congress to consider is the Public Domain Enhancement Act. See http://eldred.cc This statute would require American copyright owners to pay a very low fee (for example, $1) fifty years after a copyrighted work was published. If the owner pays the fee, the copyright will continue for whatever duration Congress sets. But if the copyright is not worth even $1 to the owner, then we believe the work should pass into the public domain.
Fine. Let Disney keep the Mouse and its ilk in copyright forever. Let 'em pay a buck for it. But let those other works that don't have a big fat-ass corporate legal department behind it come into the public domain. And let the public benefit from that.

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There's more to the web than dictionary.com. I needed to look up a Spanish translation, and came across these, thanks to Google:

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