Sunday, June 1, 2003  [!]
This CNN story describes the deluge of incoming opinion ("Nooooo!!!!!!!!") directed at the FCC regarding the media consolidation vote tomorrow.

Dan Gillmor's Sunday column lists sources to make your voice heard.

You can help [Powell] move in the right direction. E-mail him at [email protected] or call the FCC at (888) 225-5322. And call your elected officials in Washington, at (202) 224-3121, and tell them you want more media diversity and more choices for your communications and information.

Or you can just sit back and watch TV, and be happy with what the oligarchs feed you.

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Saw Finding Nemo yesterday. It was great. Highly recommended. I totally forgot that this movie was CGI. Kudos to Pixar!

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What a major bummer.

"At Corel we continually monitor the sales performances of our products to ensure we capitalize on market trends and opportunities," Meredith Dundas, Corel's communications manager, told MacCentral. "Through our research we have found that sales for Corel Bryce 5 are strongest with Windows customers, particularly at retail. As a result we have chosen to focus our efforts on Bryce 5 for Windows."

Bryce was first developed on a Mac by Eric Wenger. Version 1 shipped nearly 9 years ago (!) in summer of 1994. It didn't get ported to Windows until over two years later, at the end of 1996. (Bryce 2 Mac shipped spring of '96). Bryce 3 was developed from a common code base for both platforms, as were versions 4 and 5.

Microsoft sold its big block of Corel stock to an outfit called Vector CC Holdings LLC . Tho there's been discussions of a possible takeover of Corel by Vector, nothing has yet come of it. But is this decision to drop the Mac driven by the new major shareholder? I dunno. It may be one of those heartless, bottom-line decisions based purely on numbers and installed base. Corporate accounting departments, even at software companies, do not care much for loyalty to the oldest installed base of a software product.

It's all very sad. But since MetaCreations' decision to divest their graphic products and chase the dot-com thang, it's been a bumpy ride following Bryce's fortunes. This is just another sad part in a long (declining?) ride.

I remember watching as Quark bought mTropolis (a multi-media authoring tool) and then after shipping 2.0, closing up shop. I became acquainted with mTropolis since it dealt intelligently with QTVR movies (which I was writing an introductory book about at the time). I read the email list as it became clear that the software was being set adrift by its owner.

Is there a software graveyard somewhere? Where people who've done good, satisfying work with a tool come and lay virtual flowers at the feet of the software executibles that no longer work or are supported?

(Hmm. funny, this linking of Quark and Bryce in the same post. Word is that when Quark finally ships a version for OS X, there'll be a rush to upgrade to OS X. Just as that's about to happen, Corel calls it quits for Bryce on MacOS, even tho the proudly set Bryce at the forefront of MacOS X offerings)

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