Friday, May 30, 2003  [!]
The Corel product description page has a new box design for Bryce 5. The order page has a new, low (fire sale?) price: $79.

Significantly missing from the product system requirements is a bullet point for MacOS. WTF? Corel was bragging all over the place about carbonizing Bryce for OS X. Why aren't they selling the Mac product? They *have* it, I know. I use it.

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At yesterday's lecture, retired astronaut Rick Searfoss showed an amazing image of the Grand Canyon from space, just after a snowfall dusted the north and south rims white.

grand canyon from shuttle small:

I asked how to get the image, and he gave pointers, which led to link above. You can search the photo database by a clickable map, by mission/film roll number, by geographical characteristics.

Also: the site for Earth Sciences and Image Analysis at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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The link goes to a 5/31 report of the scrubbed Shuttle launch attempt on May 30. The one year ago today blog entry has pictures of hob-nobbing with astronauts. Actual launch took place on June 5.

Exactly a year later (give or take a few days), another launch from the cape: MER 1 - Mars Exploration Rover (launch date moved to June 8). That'll make two Mars launches in one week, with Mars Express due to launch June 2 on a Soyouz rocket.

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The test: shoot foam at high speed at a fiberglass Shuttle leading edge panel. See what happens. Ouch.
The Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) reported the initial foam impact test on the Enterpriseļæ½s fiberglass leading edge panel showed significant effects.

The foam struck the lower left wing portion of panel six causing the T-Seal between panels six and seven to lift and shift toward panel seven. This resulted in a 22-inch opening between panel six and the T-Seal. The width varied from the thickness of a dime to more than a quarter inch.

There's also a CNN story on the test.

BTW, yesterday, I went to a lecture at CalTech, by Rick Searfoss , who was Commander of the STS-90 NeuroLab mission aboard Columbia in 1998. He spoke on the human side of human space flight. I took copious notes, some of which I'll report here later, Murphy permitting.

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The FCC decision thing is June 2. Damn. That's Monday! Too late to write letters for the mail, time to fire up the fax machine. [via dangerousmeta]

If these rules had been in place in 1970, it would have been virtually impossible for me to start Turner Broadcasting or, 10 years later, to launch CNN.

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Salam Pax mentioned doing an interview with the Guardian a little while back.

A day before that I sold my soul to the devil. I talked to Rory from the Guardian. Look, he paid for a great lunch in a place which had air-conditioning and lots of people from foreign. [emphasis mine; see below]

The resulting Guardian Story: reporterly descriptions of his bedroom, some quotes about the risks he took to post. The story ends with an edited version (italics from above removed) of Salam's post re: the Guardian interview. [via Buzz Machine]

A day before that I talked to Rory from the Guardian. He paid for a great lunch in a place which had air-conditioning and lots of people from foreign.

Why the edit? After all the discussion about NYTimes, w/ stories of what it's like to be a NY Times Stringer (freelancer), I'm feeling mighty suspicious of anything I read. Moreso if multiple bloggers comment on it, teasing out discrepancies. The Guardian story implies that Salam's no Kaycee Nicole , Al. So what I wanna know is, what is the Guardian paying Salam for his guestblog?

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