Thursday, January 30, 2003  [!]

Short post day: I'm out n about, will take computer with me away from net connection (read: more productive).

Some random links: World War 2.5 , or, what we hope does NOT happen. (link courtesy of a friend, who's part of Take Back The Media)

Random SOTU link: The Raven parses the State of the Union, distilling it down to five specific actions.

Accents Random airline travelling accent note: After flying out of LAX for the first time since 9/11, I noticed that the public address persona who talked about security was a woman's voice, in BBC (British) English. Since when did BBC English become the lingua fraca of Los Angeles airport? Is there some deep trait within Californians that we respond to that accent as to more authority? A tone that's designed to break through our mental barriers?

More accent weirdness: On return flight (Southwest), the captain was oh-so-German. That, and a very southern Texas twang: "on behalf of your flight crew, I'd like to thank you f'r flyin' Southwest." What a juxtaposition.