Wednesday, December 18, 2002  [!]

HelloWorld A BIG congratulations to Cooperating Systems for the launch of their website, and near-release of HelloWorld (Jan 2003, Preview Release is free of charge; it'll cost later on, I think). HelloWorld is a... application with a fresh, visual approach to connecting people, online messaging, search and transfer operations, and personal publishing, in a decentralized network environment that is owned and operated by the network community.

See where the people are on the globe that you're connected to with the global user interface. Here's a wide screen shot (see other screen shots):

hello world ui:
Flags placed on the world map represent connections to people you know; others not on your preferred list show up as little sparkling lights.

It's Windows only. Damn. I want a Windows box just so I can use it. MacOS X development to come sometime in 2003. And they wanna do Linux and alternate platforms, too.

Anyway, this is what some of my former MetaCretin colleagues have been up to. Congratulations to Kai Gradert, Phil Clevenger and Meredith Keiser!!!