Sunday, December 15, 2002  [!]

There's a place nearby in Altadena called Christmas Tree Lane. Actually named Santa Rosa Avenue, the road's a wee stretch (3/4 mile according to this mapquest link and a mile long according to the Altadena Official Tree page). Over 100 years ago the founder of Altadena planted 150 deodar trees (cedars native to Himalaya) along this stretch of road. Since 1920, Altadenans have been stringing colored lights in 'em. The lighting ceremony was last night, and Christmas Tree Lane will be on twinkling nightly until January 1.

My boyfriend lives within walking distance of Christmas Tree Lane (in years past he's even helped string up the lights). Late last night we walked most of the length of it. I learned that it's de rigeur for drivers to turn off headlights and drive only with parking lamps. I also learned that the lights are shut off precisely at midnight.

christmas tree lane down:

christmas deodars vert:

christmas trees brightness:

This Pasadena guide has a listing of local Christmas light extravaganzas. I'd forgotten about the Ice Cream House.