Thursday, December 12, 2002  [!]

HyperPhysics (from a friend, via email) All sorts of concepts of physics, with conceptual maps. Converted to web form from hypercard.

Weblogs in Meatspace Dave Winer proposes a weblogger conference. I'm there.

Things other people are linking to that I'm linking to too Technical Difficulties (requires flash). Froogle Froogle? It took me a moment, but eventually I got it.

That's n-credible! Consumer Web Watch: How do people evaluate a web site's credibility? Visual design of a site had a lot to do with it. wow.

Wine Country Some pix from a recent trip to the Santa Ynez Valley. These are the "getting there" pictures.

cold spring tavern:
Cold Spring Tavern, just over the summit of San Marcos Pass. It reeks of history; it was an old stage coach stop from back in the late 1800s. They change with the times, though: the bar next door holds an open mic saturday afternoons.

cold spring table:
A table inside the tavern.

light glass still life:
Another table inside the tavern.

cold spring bridge:
Cold Spring Bridge. If you go over San Marcos pass from Santa Barbara headed for Cold Spring Tavern and hit the bridge, you went a little too far. In the distance: Santa Ynez Valley.

silhouette cloud sky:
Driving in the valley, westering sun and clouds and hills all mix together.

trees redder small:
Some trees along a street in Ballard, the little community that has splendid lodgings: The Ballard Inn

serengeti horizon:
California Live Oaks along distant hills with the last light of day.

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