Thursday, December 5, 2002  [!]

Congrats on the third weblog anniversary to so many Manila users. I'm among the ones, my first post was Dec. 5, 1999. Funny, this anniversary day saw me away from the net all day for some face to face time with a friend who's in town.

But as a person who's been poring over CSS and making behind-the-scenes (i.e., not uploaded yet) changes to my AuntiAlias site, I've become intimately re-acquainted with a website that:

At the same time, I've been pretty damn prolific here in this site over the last three years.

And yes, with the site housecleaning fever going on, there's a site redesign on my To Do list for2929 Hindsight, but when that happens, it'll be relatively easy: Content, structure and appearance are separate. I can work on one without having to worry about the other. Tackle one issue at a time.

Back in the pre-Manila days when I didn't update my site often enough, I used to think that I simply sucked at the task of "keeping a site updated;" a regular update was like one of those habits you should cultivate but never quite do (like brushing teeth immediately after meals, or flossing religiously every single day.)

After three years, I no longer think that. The update suck factor is this: traversing around convoluted code that makes it hard to distinguish between a site's layout & appearance and the site's content.

It is a snap to update this easy that I often find myself, say, posting new links to my CSS links page while I'm talking on the fone with a friend about CSS techniques. Compared to three years ago, it's a miracle. I'm updating my site as a friggin' background task!

After three years of web site ease, I look anew at the old site´┐Żthere's no going back. I don't yet know the full form will take (happily, the hosting provider has added php/mysql support), but what I do there will be strongly influenced by what I've been doing here.

Thanks to Dave and Brent and Andre and Jake and John and Scoble at UserLand (present and past), and to Erin and Bryan at Weblogger.