Monday, December 2, 2002  [!]

I went to the Las Vegas area for a family thanksgiving. Every time I drive through the Mojave, I feel an itch to Bryce the place. This time I did:

basin range in Bryce:

(thanks, Garret!)

This was the first time I've been on the new 210 freeway extension. Straight shot from the San Gabriel Valley to the 15 north. No route 10.

Martin Weinberger of the Claremont Courier wonders what the opening of the 210 extension will mean.

There are other dark signs. At least two Los Angeles television stations announced on Sunday that the opening of the freeway extension will allow motorists to journey more easily to Las Vegas. The theory, of course, is that the 210 will hook up with the 15 to the east of us. At least one broadcaster indicated he could hardly wait for such a journey. [emphasis mine, since I used the new freeway to do exactly that.]