Monday, November 25, 2002  [!]

Doo Dah 2002 Yesterday was the Doo Dah parade. This year was especially wonderful because:

It saw the return of my wooden rocking chair along the sidewalk of Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena (hooray for access to a pickup truck!), something which has not taken place for 10 or 13 years or so.

Three Doo Dah virgins saw the parade for the first time.

One of them brought the Amazing Zylophone Helmet Hat, part of his Whimsey Sculpture Collection (This former Doo Dah virgin is a Doo Dah natural if ever there was one!)

xylo helmet:

I led our portion of sidewalk in the Doo Dah cheer (our side of street yells "Doo!" and across the street they respond "Dah!")

I completely filled two 64 MB flash memory cards with pictures.

I signed a petition urging George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein to settle this whole conflict by means of a duel.

duel petition:

The parade is much better when you're on the sideline with a bunch of mardi gras beads that you throw TO people in the parade. (It's great to see them bend over to pick up beads from the street and then carry on with the parade.

bending over for beads:

Star News gets the DooDah UFO Read the article. Longest parade ever. See the picture of the UFO that makes Doo Dah resemble Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

In the best doo dah tradition Looking at the LA Times site for doo dah revealed this article about the Villa Park Annual Boat Parade

(Villa Park is 20 miles from water, so it's a spoof!). They're thumbing their noses at Newport Beach. (where I grew up). So I get the joke. I've been in the boat parades, my younger brother, the one with the great sense of humor, was born during the character boat parade. Spoof is good. Well, for parades. For IP addresses and false email addresses and headers stuff like that, Spoof is not good.

Playback Time found: Playback Time, a blog by Charles Wiltgen on many things digital media. Wiltgen used to be part of the Apple QuickTime team a while back. Found some good stuff there. [via WayNu (who fisks the Fox CEO's comdex keynote), via Doc]

I learned today that HD is not only 'hard disk' but High Definition(?) or the super cool video format that George Lucas and Robert Rodriguez shoot their movies in. Better'n film. The Rodriguez interview fascinates on several levels, but especially this: the filmmaker as do-it-all-yourself person. Having recently culled through 10 years of experience in order to put together a resume, I realize that that's how I operate.

Also, courtesy of Wiltgen, this link to a story that shows The Madness that is Hillary. When the Mexical Supreme Court moves to a quieter location, it's proof of only one thing: outta control mujsic piracy.