Wednesday, November 20, 2002  [!]

Browser Stats Browser News is a site devoted to information about web browser usage, trends, and stats on which ones are currently in use.

Gulf Wars MAD (as in the Magazine) has a movie poster for Gulf Wars Episode II Clone of the Attack. Do not pause. Click now. Yes, this means you.

3-day waiting period of CD-RW drives RIAA Wants Background Checks on CD-RW Buyers Old (Oct 29) but worth reading. via Someone (I don't recall).

Healing Brush suit Adobe Photoshop sued over trade secrets. [via garret] This week marks 10 years in the software industry. KPT 1.0 launched at Comdex this week in 1992. How strange that this suit (brought by principal engineer behind KPT and subsequent stuff) shows up this week of all weeks.

Blog Meetup Tonight, sort of Tonight is the Blog Meetup. Alas, Wednesday eves are otherwise occupied this fall, so I can't make it. Even so, the get-to-know-bloggers-in-your-geographical area concept is working. I got a nice email from Kiril (who liked my Jerry Fallwell thang; it's the only feedback I've gotten, glad it's positive!) who's the proprietor of Sneakeasy's Joint. Just went and visited; he riffs on whiney kids in line at Target and their future careers as lobbyists.