Monday, November 18, 2002  [!]

Leonids tonight! 2-ish am Pacific. We'll be heading out of L.A. for parts north. Don't think I'll run into any AP science reporters this year. After some high-atmosphere cirrus, sky today is crystal clear. Now, about that full moon.... has lotsa good info-laden links's news stories on the Leonids

Comdex this week Not that I'm going, but Comdex is a milestone for me. Ten years ago I began my foray in the software industry there. Launching Kai's Power Tools 1.0. First trade show and all that. Wild scene, for a graphic designer high on learning curve adrenaline. Got hired as a product manager for KPT 1.0. I asked the other product manager at the then-fledgeling HSC Software, "What does a product manager do?" Reply, jovially: "I don't know!" I was told by the CEO, "Don't worry, I'll teach you what you need to know." Translation: "Sink or swim, baby, sink or swim." I did some of each, but mostly I swam.

blog is at the top At Number 1 of the Top 50 Internet Marketing Terms for 2002, that is. ("Blog" was number 40 in 2001)

Another good CSS resourcec W3Schools CSS. For each item description, the site has a pop-up example window where you can see the CSS side by side with result. Edit CSS and view result.