Sunday, November 10, 2002  [!]

sun I feel like such a precipitation lightweight. Or maybe that's heaviweight. After 2.5 days of drizzle, downpour and rainy skies, it's GOOD to see the sun again. how do all those in the dour pacific northwest do it?

siren Went to a show last night, The Would be Gentleman, by The Pasadena Symphony. Strauss and acting. The actress/dancer who plays the countess is Musetta Vander. A read of the program notes reveals that she also was in the movie, O Brother Where Art Thou.... which happened to be in possession, thanks to Netflicks. Watched it today�she was one o' them sireeeens!

braut-zookas at doo dah Two weeks from today: DooDah. Doo Dah two years ago. I just got email from the co-founder of the BBQ and Hibachi Marching Grill Team�15 consecutive years at Doo Dah.

Besides general greetings and thanks for the pix, I know know the official terms for the various team members:
Grillmen: men from the "corps"
Condiment Girls: The gals delivering hot dogs
Braut-zookas: The hot-dog-shooters I talked about in the original posting of these pix.

Two more weeks for more folderol. Man, and I never posted last year's pix, either.

grill team grill:

grill team hot dog:

hot dog shooters: