Friday, November 8, 2002  [!]

Rain, rain, don't go away How pleasant to fall asleep to the sound of rain. How pleasant to sleep in to the sound of rain. What?! What time is it? How pleasant to blame sleeping in on the rain.

Here's hoping that this storm is good enough to soak the ground where September's two fires were, enough to start new growth, but without causing mudslides. Pasadena Star-News on hillside mudslide potential

NPR Segment on (new) Senator Barkley NPR interview (RealAudio) with the newly-appointed Minnesota Senator Dean Barkley. I think the online version edited out a few things that I heard on the radio.

Slick Willie helped Bland Gray attack Tricky Dicky LA Times: Clinton was Key to Davis Strategy. "According to campaign insiders, it was Clinton who ultimately got Davis to launch the preemptive advertising blitz that helped torpedo former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan in the March race." Damn! Damn Damn Damn! Another 4 years of Mr. Bought-n-Paid-For.

A Sacramento Bee editorial about how the D- word in CA is not Democrat, but dismay. Voters stayed away in droves because the governor campaign was so disgusting. Gray won by default, because he puts his own career before the needs of Californians.

Fooey on politics. For now.

Not Rain, but Meteor showers Let's Talk Leonids! NASA's list of best places to watch the Leonid storm on Monday Night/Tuesday Morning the 18th/19th. Will I be the same place that AP Science writer is again? Will I go eeeeee! oooooooh! ? Prolly not. the moon will be out, too. Hey, the astronauts aboard the Space Station will look down to see the meteor showers!