Thursday, November 7, 2002  [!]

Shakin' I had no idea! Sunday there was a 7.9 quake in Alaska. Found out bya fone call from a friend. Then saw this story: Couple Rides Quake Simulator Through Alaska Quake.

"Honey, what do you want to do today?"
"Let's go visit that quake simulator"
"Wow!!! That's realistic!"
nope, there are two quake simulations. The third one was for real.

alaska quake 1:

alaska quake 2:

alaska quake 3:
These pix came to me from Micheal Stinson, whose sister lives in Alaska. The fotos originally came from her.

CNN: al Qaeda admits responsibility for the Bali nightclub bombings. "[I]ts aim [is] to hit inside Arab and Islamic countries which are part of a 'Jewish-Crusader' alliance."

Maybe now I have a reason for it If I wanted to cull all sorts of information from many different web sites that list art events, is there a way that I could use RSS to do that? I've always been puzzled by the whole thing, gotten email from people about publishing an RSS feed, but need to set this site up differently in order for it to be worthwhile (structured posts, etc.). Now I'm seeing that working with a specialized feed thing would be good to get the word out on all the cool events taking place locally.

Radio Late this (Wednesday) afternoon, I heard that blogger (and UCLA Law Professor) Eugene Volokh will be on tomorrow morning's (Thursday's) AirTalk program (LA area, 89.3) to talk about a recent argument before the Supreme Court. Besides thinking, "Cool!!" I thought, "So, *that* is how he pronounces his name." (the airtalk link leads to a RealAudio version, but the last time I tried to listen to one from KPCC, I'd gotten 100+ minutes buffered and nothing played. If I miss the show, I'll try again)

Phone Happy is the day when you call up a Customer Service Representative at a financial institution, and you get into this big conversation and find out that the person is a playwright and actually wrote a musical! And that person is gonna go go the bookstore and be on the lookout for your book!

Stage Speaking of playwrights, I just got email about a one-woman show in North Hollywood--not a nice girl, and in finding out more, I discovered the web site for NoHo Arts District's Theatre listings.