Wednesday, November 6, 2002  [!]

trickortreat redux For family/friends who've come here to see my niece's first Hallowe'en, go here.

FBI stands for Faustian Bargain vs. Individuals Freedom But not Information or Fucking with Bibliotech Infoservices. FBI infiltrates libraries. Mum's the word. Can't talk. Gag orders. Courtesy of the Patriot Act.

Election drivel Yesterday was a busy day; election blogging took a back seat. But not last minute election research, nor voting itself.

Note for later (copious free time-ha!): The Census California QuickFacts and How the State Voted. How many people does it take to bring on indebtedness statewide? There's a lightbulb joke in it somewhere.

Voting turnout by county 15.3 million registered voters, 6.8 million votes cast

See statewide results broken down by county in graphic representation. Maps: Governor, Insurance Commissioner, Controller] What I'd like to see: population numbers (and density), as well as # of registered voters and turnout.

Animated gifs: showing changes in SoWest US overall population and population density.

Man oh man, do I love The League of Women Voter's Smartvoter site.

Note to all you candidates as you reasses your wins and losses: Whether you submit materials to the LWV's site makes a difference in whether I vote for you or not. Do you make things available to the wired electorate? No? Sorry!

And speaking of the league, I can't believe that tho the League of Women Voters went agaisnt Proposition 49 (before/after school programs), initiative passed. Not that I oppose after school programs, but I object to the method of governance. Budget by initiative, bypassing the normal appropriations process. Gak.

Damn. I was so charmed by Tom McClintock's TV ads during the world series, I voted for him. In 15 seconds, he conveyed an "I'm tight fisted with money" message with such humor... he got my vote.

And though I voted for Richard Riordan as a write-in candidate, he did not win as Governor.

On polls Reading a number of sites today commenting on the combined news sites' polling technology meltdown, there's a concensus that you can't rely on the polls. I made my contribution recently, when I posted the conversations I had with two pollsters from David Binder Research. And now if you do a Google search on David Binder Research, my results come up in the top 5. Thanks to Google, my statistically insignificant conversations with people who talk literal nonsense ("Will you be voting for in the November election?") just got a whole lot weightier. Picture the potential client doing due diligence on the outfit when considering hiring them.

Generator does Gaviota Coast From Doc Searls, a link to a Discussion board re: Gaviota Coast, run by Dirk Brants, who participated in the old AOL photoshop/KPT/Bryce digital arts forums way back when. Hey, Dirk! Way to go! Pop on over there and take a look.

Speaking of Way Back When I've been going through some old disks looking for old images and artwork I've done. Fired up both my Jaz drive and 230 MO (magnetic optical) drive. After intial noisy buzzes from mechanisms long unpowered, both drives worked. And it was a trip down memory lane. Glad I saved all this cra-- er, treasures. Among findings: