Tuesday, October 29, 2002  [!]

Moscow attack, redux Here's a timeline of what happened over the Moscow theatre takeover and rescue. Nurse Al comments on the drug used, and its antidote.

Desisting So yesterday I got my first web-related cease and desist letter. You see the results on my page for Sunday. I think I'll file it under 'Poetic License,' that I get an email from a friend about a story of school people censoring art due to (gasp!) nudity. Art is taken down. The paper covers it, and I post the accompanying image on my web site because I thought that maybe you'd actually follow the link to the story if I did. And they ask me to take down the picture due to copyright violation. The one time I am asked to remove something, it's a link to a story about censorship. Man, I tell ya.

MojoWorld 2.0 Congratulations to Ken Musgrave and the other developers at Pandromeda for shipping MojoWorld 2.0. Gee, if I post an image here, will Ken come after me and ask me to remove it? I just want you to follow the link!

mojoworld image: Image made with MojoWorld 2.0, http://www.pandromeda.com/