My PHP Questions

These are my questions about PHP. I’m just learning. I come to PHP as someone with quite a bit of familiarity with HTML, and having minimally (minimally minimally) poked around with JavaScript. I am not a programmer. My entry into this sphere has been graphics. Then technical writing. Strong emphasis on usability. And now it would seem, programming.

(also: php links – for links to web sites that don’t fit in with this Q n A)

  1. How do I combine PHP and HTML in the same document?
  2. How do I generate Web-standard compliant code with PHP?
  3. Related to previous question about spitting out good HTML. How to generate code that is:

  4. How do I make graceful URLs with PHP?
  5. Graceful =

    • A List Apart: How To Succeed with URLs.
      Describes how to create PHP script to change

  6. How do I go about converting an existing plain-ol HTML site to PHP?
  7. It will also eventually have MySQL, too.

    • Is it easier to create a new site from scratch than it is to convert an old one?
    • Can I convert it in stages?
    • Can I implement new things later on?
    • What are the most important things to begin with?
  8. How do I think about the entire design process?
  9. Is this a PHP question, a mySQL question, or both?

    • (mySQL)Database design: Julie Meloni of book excerpt on the database design process.

  10. PHP implementations out there that are ready-to-go CMS (content management systems)?
  11. How much of this is about PHP and how much is about MySQL?
  12. Will I have to become a full-fledged programmer?
  13. Some Tutorial Resources
    • to
    • be
    • continued