Monday, December 17, 2001  [!]

Wow!!!!! (say it backwards, wow) I've been nominated for the Scripting News Awards!! In TWO categories!

When I consider my fellow nominees (pioneers: Andrea, BHB, Craig, Garret, Jeff, Al, and Bill); and (Blogger of the Year: Adam, Cam, Rageboy, Dan, Doc, Ev, Glenn, Heather, JD, Joel, Lance , Rafe, Wes and Zeldman), all I can say is what distinguished company I'm in! I'm honored to be among all these fine people!

You can Vote Once. Yes, you, dear readers and web-surfers, are the ones to determine the outcome. There is no Academy. There is no Price-Waterhouse-Cooper outfit to tally the votes and have the names in envelopes in a locked suitcase handcuffed to a mild man in a gray suit. You are the academy. You are the academy. You are the academy. And the vote tallying takes place on some server that Dave says is, well, semi-foolproof, and runs on the honor system. What better form could exist for weblogging?

<feveredpitch intensity="10"> If you like what you read here, and you think that Dave Winer should grab a tiara (or some reasonable equivalent) and set it on my head, then vote for me! (all right, all right, when will the fawning stop, you wonder?) </feveredpitch>

Speaking of tiaras and nominees and all that, do I do a little name-dropping here and talk about how I went to a writers workshop work-in-progress performance yesterday and one of the audience members was (gasp) Helen Hunt (Mad About You, Academy Award Winner for As Good As it Gets)? Geez, had I been reading/performing, I'd've been nervous. And... do I make a fool out of myself (Oh Helen, Oh Helen, You're so Fabu, let me kiss your hand puleeez) or play it cool (yes, you're a person too, and all the time people recognize you and stuff so I'll just let you be Yet Another Audience Member)... but one person read a story she wrote about her grandfather, who died recently. Brilliantly written. Very funny. Very touching. So I go up to her (apparently she is a FOH�Friend of Helen, since Helen was standing in the little huddle of friends and admirers) and tell the writer-granddaughter how much I liked her story, and say a bit about how yesterday woulda been my grandpa's 101st birthday and he lived through the entire 20th century, and everyone's jaws dropped, including Helen's and no, I did not fawn, I was just another person who appreciated a story and had one of her own thankyou very much and I wasn't gonna be a starfu**er . . . So, I ask myself . . . shall I do a little name dropping, seeing as how it's on topic? Naaaah. That would be so tacky.

related, and relating what you like Dave W. notes

The process of thinking through what sites you value and why and then saying so publicly is a good one to go through. I learned a lot doing this.
I can relate. The other day I served as one of the judges in an image contest � Strange New Worlds made with MojoWorld. I culled together the images that I particularly liked from among the whole group. Then, as I went through the process of articulating the merits (and lacks) of each of the images, I found that some items that were toward the bottom of the short list moved up, and others moved down. I loved the discovery that took during that thinking-out-loud. Don't know if I'll do the same for weblogs (it'd prolly be one of those round tuit thangs that I'll intend to do but not follow through on), but I sure do like the idea behind it.

okay, now for something really post-worthy....

Evil, Eviller, Evillest Arianna Huffington: Americans are 'evil' too. On Bush and his evildoers, and us-vs.-them mentality. Walker, the American Talib, throws a wrench in the machinery of evil-defintion, right?

When asked about Walker, [Dubyah], the Slayer of Evil, went positively mushy, calling the AK-47-toting Talib "this poor fellow" who had "obviously been misled." Apparently "evil" automatically morphs into "misled" when pronounced with an American accent.

Since the president seems convinced that evil is an Al-Jazeera exclusive, I suggest he take a look at the mounting evidence that the terrorists responsible for the anthrax attacks are homegrown.

...Nevertheless, the president continues to divide humanity into the moral equivalent of shirts and skins. "Our responsibility to history," he said, "is already clear: to answer these attacks and rid the world of evil." And this is a man who balked at nation building? Not only is this a ludicrous principle on which to base a foreign policy but also an equally ludicrous interpretation of the world's major religions. [Read More]

Euro André shows us the Euro coins he just picked up. A few days ago I saw that there's a blog devoted to the money changeover: Eurotrash.

What is Eurotrash: On Jan. 1, 300 million people in 12 countries will start using some funny-looking money they have never seen before. Months later their old familiar bills and coins will buy them nothing. Many of these people will have only a vague idea of what is going on. This could be a lot more fun than all of that overhyped millennium crap.

EUROTRASH is devoted to chronicling this historic leap and the ensuing chaos. We don't care about macroeconomic theory. We just want to know if the Coke machines are still going to work.

I want one! Or rather, I'd like to camp out in front of this BookDrop vending machine , as described on Craig's AcmeBook news. I'd order from it, or get someone to order from it for me, but I think I'd like it if a webcam were focused on it, so I could get a better idea of the choices. [via Andrea]

A question for all you Wintel-platform experts A friend asks me if I know anyone who's Windows/PC-chip-savvy enough to have a considered opinion about which is better: AMD chip or Pentium III chip. Which do you prefer? Let me know! Thanks! :D

Colour My World The Economist: Open Your Eyes, a review of Philip Ball's new book: Bright Earth: The Invention of Colour. Wow. won't be published in the states until Feb of next year. A physicist looks at color, wavelengths, the eye, and pigment. It all looks mahvelous. [via someone, I forget who]

Turning the Tables on HTML Tables Twaddle: Design Notes

This page has been rebuilt using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), without the use of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) tables.

There is no obvious benefit to the reader. For the website builder, it may offer more supple tools, although this remains to be seen.

That's what I've been thinking about doing! Good on you, Austin, for setting a great example. Oh, and congrats on Sprezzatura's 2nd anniversary!