Wednesday, December 5, 2001  [!]

I've been doing this weblog thang for two years now. My first post (the generic It Worked! one) goes back to 12-5-99. I spent the next days in a state of bafflement over the whole thing, and mostly tried changing colors and such, but not posting words. Then I started to get on a roll, especially with A Lake George Diary, my wintertime visit with my then-99 year old grandfather.

Thanks to Userland, Weblogger, and the countless people I've met (some even in person!) through this medium!

Heh. Blackholebrain calls this day (and season) Happy Blogday time.

...and we have liftoff LA Times: Shuttle Endeavor successfully lifts off (after nearly a week of delays) ...and.... for all I know (and hope), all systems are GO for the Jason-1 launch Friday morning. I'll keep you posted. (ooh! New T-minus three days and counting pictures are on the Jason page.)

¢-10-E-L Walt Disney was born 100 years ago today. The Washington Post ran a sorta contrarian Disney story: America Loves to Hate the Mouse, which tells the truth, once and for all, about whether Walt is cryogenically frozen and buried deep below the Matterhorn at Disneyland in Anaheim. (by the way, can't figure out what the bold header is? Read it out loud)

News from Another Place WBUR in Boston is providing a web site: News from Al Jazeera... a translation into English. ( I found this site through

Read the news that is being broadcast throughout the Arab world, exclusively from WBUR's "Special Coverage." Each weekday, WBUR's Ahmed Ahmed monitors the news from Al Jazeera, the influential Arabic satellite television network. Check back each weekday to see how the Arabic media is covering the war on terrorism and the new fighting between Israel and Palestine.

"Number 14." "Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!" "Number 6" "Hahahahahahah!" "Number 8." "Hey, that's not funny!" You know the joke about the monks who are under a vow of silence, and then they tell jokes by-the-number at the one dinner when they can talk? That's how I felt seeing Al's reference to The Top 12 things uttered by Yoda during sex. (I didn't even need to go to the site, I just started laughing. ouch! ouch! on my ears you are!)

(By the way, thanks for the blogday wishes, Al Garret Jeff and Hal ...and happy blogdays right back atcha -- or at most of you!)

Let's Roll Those words, spoken by Todd Beamer on Flight 93, inspired a song by Neil Young.