Saturday, September 22, 2001  [!]

That Doc Searls guy... he's not a hoax!

He happens to live very close to the campus where I went to college, so in the midst of my reunioning, I dropped by with a coupla friends to see him n his family. Very fun!

I'm sure you're all so curious, so here are a few pix. ....

doc jeff swing:
Doc and his son Jeff, on the backyard swing.

jeff swing mike:
Doc's son Jeff recruited swing pushers. Here, he convinced Mike to give 'im a whirl, too.

susan and doc:
Here are Doc and I, together. Now no one can claim that either of us is a made-up Kaycee-like Hoax. We each are witnesses. Really.

Oh, and my college reunion? Fantastic. The pix I took from that are going on a different site, for all us class of '81 alumni types.

I must say that it's nice to do a blog entry that isn't about, well, you know, that... that.... *bad* thing.

. . . . .

Photographica is back!!!