Pix from Manilapalooza!

Dave Winer up front, discussing various and sundry and showing off Pike

dave up front:

Most of these pictures I took during the break.

here's Bob and Kate

Bob and Kate:

Manila Grrls:

Julie, Susan, Sheila, Kate:

manila grrls:

Here's Julie and Sheila, sharing a laugh over wacky and irreverent comments made by the photographer, and learned by the photographer from her mother:

julie and sheila:

And hey! you know who else was there? Dan Gillmor.. whom I met, and who consented to stand next to me while I poked my digital camera at us both:

I met Dan Gillmor:

Kate and I did the same thing.

susan kate:

Near the meeting room where we were, there was a fountain on the campus of De Anza College:

de anza fountain:

fountain closeup:

It's looking like the beginning buds of spring are showing up on some of the trees on campus

spring bud:

Back inside the meeting room, Matt Neuberg showed off his very own Frontier tee shirt

matt neuberg shirt:

All the above pictures I processed in Photoshop during the second half. So, when things came to an end, I hopped it down to the front of the room to see if there was a spare ethernet connection I could use to upload them.

Andre restarted his powerbook again so that he could give me the IP number he'd used.

andre and the IP number:

Next, time to go from De Anza to a place called La Fiesta in Mountain View. It so happened to be the gorgeous twilight time of day. Here we are, driving toward the sunset.

twilight road:

Once in the restaurant, drinking, eating, storytelling and picture-taking ensued.

We were so many in number that we ended up forming a second table.

la fiesta table:

During dinner, I came to learn a bit of what Dave referrs to as "Biermania"!


I imagine that he's got a similar picture of me, camera in hand. Bob, please post it! : ) (Later: he did!)

More pictures. Here I am with Dave Winer.

sak dw:

And here is Sheila, Bob "Biermania" Bierman, Moi, Dave

sheila bob susan dave:

We later adjourned outside, where more margaritas were consumed, thanks to Ken Dow and his continual pitcher-pouring.

The area was lit by red floodlights....

Here's Brent, the birthday boy! Happy Birthday, Brent!

birthday boy:

Dave and Andre:

dave andre:

Andre and Brent:

andre brent red:

Check out the interesting highlights on Brent's glass. Here's a detail view:

brent's glass:

Sheila, lit in red:

sheila red:

The two of us:

sheila susan red:

Finally, the whole group of us, standing around, reluctant to leave one another's fine company....

red group:

A lovely time! Let's do a gathering in L.A.! :D

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