Lunar Eclipse Photos

Photos from the Lunar Eclipse on 15 May, 2003. The moon rose in the Los Angeles area just as the eclipse reached totality. I finally caught sight of the moon just as totality was ending, and sat on a brick wall with camera to capture the emergence of sunlight (or the disappearance of shadow) as the moon continued to rise. These photos in the animation are not taken at regular intervals so much as when I felt like taking the next one. So it's not a stop-motion animation per se. (Also, had I wanted to do that, I would have set up a tripod with an image frame that would have included the arc of the moon as it rose. I'm sure that some other better-planning photographer did that.)

eclipse animation:

The above images were cropped and aligned to make as close to an animation as possible. The moon wasn't in the same place in the sky when they were all taken; the moon rose out of the earth's shadow back to full.

Below are a few still images, after I'd discovered how to use the Center Spot focus setting on the Nikon Coolpix:

eclipse still 0:

eclipse still 1:

eclipse still 2:

eclipse still 3:

Photos were taken using the 3x tele-adapter attachment.

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