Rose Parade Completed Floats

After seeing the Rose Parade Float Decoration images, here are the completed floats, taken just after the initial judging on New Year's Eve morning...

How amusing that this float, by BP (whom, I'm assume, is British Petroleum), is all about dinosaurs. Where does that oil come from, anyhow? ; )

bp volcanoblast:

bp dino duo:

bp orangeosaur:

bp volcano:

bp dino eggshells:

bp ontario:
In the background, you can see the float for the city of Ontario, gateway to the southland..

ontario gateway:

ontario hollywood:

ontario car:

ontario closeup letters:
Here's an ultra close-up of the lettering on the Ontario sign. I overheard someone say that they put flowers in a blender to shred them and then apply them to the various areas like glitter. Glue on, sprinkle flowers, more glue and more flowers where they didn't stick the first time.

ontario palm closeup:

duarte float:
This float is for the city of Duarte, home of the City of Hope (and home to Fiesta Floats where all these fotos were taken).

You may have recalled that I said watch the fountain to see how it'd be when finished...

fountain float entire:

fountain flower closeup:

fountain ooh lala:

fountain splash:
Check out how they made the fountain splash.... blue flowers in the base of the fountain with those little splashy flower arrangements underneath the "dripping water" above.

The FTD float's theme is Alice in Wonderland...

ftd scroll:

ftd alice busted out:
Alice, from the front, all busted out of the house

ftd alice outgrow house:
... and from the back...

ftd houseback:
Here's the back of the house (and the float)

ftd mushroom:
This is the mushroom that's responsible for Alice's unusual growth (covered with cornhusks, each of which was ironed by hand, and then cut out to be the right shape)

ftd madhatter:

ftd petit fours:

ftd whiterabbit:

The Rainbird float is beautiful year after year, and they manage to have water in the float somewhere. I'm sorry that I didn't get a proper overall shot of it... but those tigers and the jungle look are spectacular!

rainbird tiger:

rainbird tigercubs:

rainbird closeup:

The Dr. Pepper float is a Rock Concert... for the stone ages...

dr pepper rock concert:

dr pepper mastadon:

dr pepper yellow hair:

dr pepper drummer:

dr pepper guitarist:

The Dr. Pepper float had some nice close-up touches, including a little sea-scene and a great use of red cabbages...

dr pepper crab:

dr pepper cabbage reds:

So, they came a long way since the work-in-progress photos were taken 2 days before.... and if you watch the parade on TV, I hope these pictures help you to see what's on the silver screen a little better!

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