Rose Parade Float Decoration

Fiesta Float Decoration Extravaganza... this little party takes place between Christmas and New Year's Eve... a few miles from my house. My friend is in charge of tour guides for floats-in-progress. Here are a few (!!) pictures for you. (plus a few others on the site's main page for today)

tiger decorated:

tiger bare:
You saw the decorated tiger; this is what they look like before their flowery finery is on them.

That girl is putting dried apricots on this particular dinosaur.

bright orange dino:


decorating flowers:

dino scaffolding:

examine teapot:

fiesta float owner:
This is Tim, who laughingly calls himself "the help" but is really one of the owners of Fiesta Floats. I guess you could say that he lives for this stuff! :D

float tiger scaffold:

florist area only:
They say that florists fly in from all over the country and work on the floats, so that they can say that they've done it. They get their own area to work in...

floral arrangement:
And my, do they do nice work!

fountain base:

fountain framing:
What looks like something humble at this point will turn into a splendid floral fountain in days to come. Watch for it, watch for it!

leaves on a dinosaur:
Each leaf is put on, one by one by one. (This is why there are lots of volunteers!)

rockin roller decorators:

rockinrollers front:

straw rockin roll:

inside rock n roll:
And, as you watch on TV and wonder who's driving the float, who's operating the machinery...behold! the control room!

zig zag decorate:

woman decorate pink:

rainbird float:

naked volcano:
My tourguide friend says to watch this volcano.... when it's done, it will be spectacular!!

monkey scaffolding:

man paint stripe:
They look so bare right now... but after they're decorated, they're spectacular!

leaves on hummingbird:


Wanna see how they came out when they were all done? See the Rose Parade Completed Floats!

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