Syndication and Aggregation

The art, science, and opinion about generating syndicated feeds and then accessing aggregated content

sharing google reader on web

Notes to self link: How to share items in Google Reader.

RSS in plain english

It’s a video. Illustrated with paper. Nicely done.

State of the Blogosphere (and Splogosphere)

Number-crunching for bloggers, citizen journalists, ego-surfers: Sifry’s Alerts: State of the Blogosphere, August 2006. Including discussion about spam blogs. cool charts and graphs re: languages (english, japanese, chinese, and the rest), and time of day for posting.

Disaster Preparation.. a blogger field day?

A blogging-during-a-disaster field day: A day (or weekend) to practice communicating when a disaster has just struck, and conditions are bad. What would a blogger field day look like? This post is a hodge-podge of thoughts. Background: At the Community Assistance session at BlogHer [I liveblogged it, as did Christine and Britt Bravo], a brilliant […]

Daypop down until further notice…

Daypop down until further notice… here’s what the page says: Daypop down until further notice… Sorry for the inconvenience. After adding a bunch of submitted sites, Daypop no longer has enough memory to calculate the Top 40 and other Top pages. If there’s no simple fix, Daypop won’t be back up until a new search/analysis […]

Learning Feeds

Setting up some new feeds. Rss 2.0 and Atom 1.0. This is stuff I never wanted to have to do, but it looks like I have to, during a season with lots of RSS discussion. I gotta figure figured out what a GUID is. Now, what is this element or tag called <description> in an […]

River of News aggregators

Dave Winer mentions a River of News aggregator in this post about some Yahoo hooptedoodle that happened last night. More on River of News here. Lisa Williams recently blogged (can’t find post) about finding out why some people think “I’m overwhelmed with the number of feeds” yeah, I am just starting to use an aggregator, […]

Bruised Ego-surfing

I hearby coin a new phrase in the blogosphere echo-chamber wonderful world of weblogs. Bruised Ego-Surfing: What happens when one tries to find out if there are any new links to one’s website when one goes to Technorati, but after searching for one’s own site, receiving the following message: ERROR: The requested URL could not […] was down, it’s back up, and there’s a Y!

It’s been down all day. Until now. Now it’s got that Y! mini icon. So it looks as tho Yahoo is the one that bought UPDATE: Jim Winstead, former owner, discusses the sale.

How do I create a password-protected RSS feed?

I’d like to be able to create private, password-protected RSS feeds for a private weblog. This page with test feeds would probably tell me what I need to know if I were smart enough to understand what’s going on. But I think I need input from someone who’s geekier than I. (For the ones that […]