The Big Picture: Cassini

Boston Globe’s Big Picture looks at Saturn, Cassini, Rings, and Moons. Go. Gawk. Marvel.

Two out of three is, well, bad

California. Madrid, Spain. Canberra, Australia. Those are the locations of three large antennas used by the Deep Space Network to “listen” to signals from Space. Madrid is down till January at the earliest. New Scientist SPACE – Key antenna failure threatens Deep Space Network [via NASAwatch] The Madrid antenna had been scheduled to be out […]

Great (online) movies I have seen

Meant to blog this last week. Two great sets of movies: Serious space science imagery and visualization: movies created of the Huygens probe descent to surface of Saturn’s moon, Titan. (QuickTime) One is a movie of the descent (page describes movies, links to individual movies, one with narration, one without audio) One is a descent […]

Saturnine humor

This is a followup from the post I made about the Titan-landing-Eve tailgate party thrown by the Planetary Society. One of the speakers was Dr. Linda Spilker, Cassini Deputy Project Scientist/Principal Research Scientist. She gave a recap of the Cassini mission thus far, and showed a couple of images making the rounds among Cassini team […]

Titan images. More and Raw

At the ESA site, there is a new set of Titan images stitched together. This view is from 10 km high. Go to the ESA site to and click the picture to see the higher rez version. Credit: NASA/ESA/UofArizona Also, all the raw images are now available on the ESA site. Good. They probably put […]

Open Source Titan Image Processing

Anthony Likens has been collecting open-source Titan image processing of the images taken by Huygens Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer. He posted a comment here the other day pointing to the page, but in the time since I first checked it, it’s grown to a fabulous wealth of images, contributed by people all over. I saw a […]

A review of ESA TV

Since I spent so much time on Friday glued to NASA-TV for Huygens/Titan/Cassini/Whee!, and since NASA-TV was carrying signal from ESA (European Space Agency), I figured I’d write a review about ESA TV coverage. Especially as I found myself gritting teeth and saying, “Yes? Yes? Well?!?” at certain moments in the coverage. At the time […]

New Titan images from Huygens

Find ’em here at the ESA site. We watched the press conference. But I didn’t transcribe. (the 24 hours of Huygens frenzy is over). Upshot: The instruments sent back a rich data set, a sample of which was presented. Scientists: We’ll have lots of time to mine it for all kinds of info. Imaging investigator: […]

Huygens descent animation

Civil_Disobedient posted an announcement on MetaFilter about a Flash movie of the probe’s descent, made from the image trios posted to the Descent Imager Spectral Radiometer site. It’s not perfect (you’ll have to wait for JPL/ESA to get it right) but for now it gives a pretty good sense of the fall. The image is […]

Titan frenzy (housekeeping)

Thanks to those who’ve commented or linked to this site today. I’ve more or less committed myself to a full day’s frenzy of posts, and will (I hope) resume a normal life (whatever that is) tomorrow. A coupla housekeeping details: Probably the best permalink to use for news of Saturn/Cassini/Huygens/Titan is the link for today’s […]