Oral History

Stories and interviews told by eyewitnesses or participants of events

Remembering the 11th Day of 11th month

I’ve been aware all day that it’s Veteran’s Day. I’ve no post on it, really. Go read Petrea’s Veterans Day post. Or an editorial by Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind, sponsor of the bill establishing the Veterans History Project. Or the story of Anthony Acevedo. Stories like that need to be told. They need to be […]

Recommended reading for hard times... Hard Times

Recommended reading for hard times… Hard Times

Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression, the book, by Studs Terkel. It’s a compilation of oral history interviews he held with people about their experience of The Great Depression. The breadth of his interviewees and their experiences is what makes the book so good. The reader gets a good snapshot of life […]

I went to the StoryCorps booth in L.A. and blogged it

I went to the StoryCorps booth in L.A. and blogged it

On Saturday the 19th, I went to MacArthur Park in downtown L.A. to interview my mom in the StoryCorps booth. My brother went to interview our dad. I wrote all about it (w/ tons of photos) at my other site. Took photos of all the gear, too.

My Family Oral History site make the USNWR cover story Voices of World War II

My Family Oral History site make the USNWR cover story Voices of World War II

Making History: “From World War II soldiers to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, more people are sharing their own memories to bring the past back to life” The cover story of the September 24 issue of US News and World Report is devoted to Ken Burns’s documentary, The War, and how people are preserving first […]

Japanese Americans in Hawaii during WW2

Americans of Japanese Ancestry During World War II Takejiro Higa’s story is amazing. Born in Hawaii, grew up in Okinawa, came back to Hawaii, enlisted after Pearl Harbor and placed in Military Intelligence. Went back to Okinawa with American soldiers. His big personal ethical question: What do I do if I come into contact with […]

Solving technical problems while working on family history

The new Carnival of Genealogy (edition #12) is up.

I’m so glad you did this. So glad

Thus begins a story I wrote on my family oral history site about a conversation I had with Doc M a short while ago. “I’m so glad you did this. So glad.” Those are the words my boyfriend Doc M said to me as we listened to his mother talk about her life. Two years […]

Carnival of Genealogy, 11th edition

Edition 11 is here. The topic is Making the Most of Family Get Togethers.. It’s easy enough to poke around in old records and spend hours scouring Internet databases for the bits and pieces of your family puzzle. Approaching actual living family members, however, can be downright intimidating! You have to get personally involved with […]

Carnival of Genealogy: Writing a Family History

Excellent. Just found this blog carnival: Carnival of Genealogy. Current edition on writing a family history. (next edition is on Family Photographs. I’ve already submitted two entries. And will submit one more, cause there’s something I’ve been meaning to do more research on, and write about.) I’m totally stoked. Based on the excellent advice by […]

MemoryMiner 1.1 is released…

Read about it here. Download it here. (It’s MacOS, windows version under development) and very soon, like later this afternoon, I’ll have a podcast interview with MemoryMiner’s developer, John Fox. Will update here when It’s up. (and no, I didn’t plan it that way. The interview was from mid-May, but These Things Take Time. Earlier […]