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Liveblog: Reading USAA Bank Account Agreement

Liveblog: Reading USAA Bank Account Agreement

Okay, Okay, this is guaranteed to be the most boring liveblog evar. In the spirit of Occupy a Bank Other than Bankof AmericaChaseCitiGroupWellsFargo (i.e, 1 of the Supremely Consolidated Too Big To Fail banks), I’m making a second attempt to move my money from Big Bank to USAA. I hear all the good stuff about […]

The road to illumination

“The road to illumination is paved with bad assumptions.” (I coined that. Yesterday. Topic of conversation: Project Management, specifically defining all the pieces and parts of the project. And you know, discovering my assumptions about it. Including the bad ones.)

Mighty Yosemite

Mighty Yosemite

Crossed another item off my bucket list: Go to Yosemite. Specifically, go to Yosemite Valley, the central place of it all. (too many years ago, I backpacked on a trip that went somewhere inside the boundaries of the national park. But that was far, far away from Yosemite Valley itself.) I went there the weekend […]

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

This groundhog day we observe the earth on her circle journey round the sun. Bisected — no, quadsected– by four invisible points: not north, south, east, west, but summer, winter solstices, spring and fall equinoxes. If that were an ellipse shape in Adobe Illustrator, and you’d select Object > Path > Add Anchor Points, four […]

Theme of the month: O2 4 U 1st

By the time mid-month rolled around, the theme for June has turned out to be: Put on your own oxygen mask first before assisting others.

Stuff on my desk

Desk Clutter Scan

Inspired by Mademoiselle Gramophone’s Daily Brain Scan, I offer you a selection of trinkets that I found on my desk, which, when I take them off the scanning plate, will go elsewhere. I think: Who knew that declutter procrastination could be so fun?

Hospitals, they see it all

First things first. The surgery alluded to in the recent post went well. (And no, despite reference to bad heart valves, it wasn’t heart surgery.) We’re over the worst of it and that’s good. There’s a sore gut and weakness and all, but it’s now “recovery” phase, and not “what if…?” So, last night, after […]

That curious inner reorientation in light of medical, well, medical stuff

I suppose one of the good parts of having been around the block a few times is that when that woozy personal stress disorientation hits, I recognize it as an old friend, a visitor who arrives in hard times, and eventually departs again for a good long while. An emotional Halley’s Comet that comes into […]

2009: Core. Realize. Connect.

Inspired by Chris Brogan’s 3 goals for 2009 [via Beth Kanter] He wanted to use words that would pull him toward his goals. I like the idea of summing up major themes for the year into three words. If you want to try the process, it works something like this: think of how you want […]

After 1 week of DSL outage, I’m back up

It was a long week. Spent time elsewhere for some matters, but this is a return to “alleged normal”