Tabbouleh: It to me is like Popeye’s spinach

Courtesy of my uncle, I bring you Tabbouleh. (A definite idea for Doc M’s enthusiastic parsley plants!) Direct YouTube link

A Day in the Life of Abbey Road

Your Thursday Morning Giggle: “Blame Ringo (A Day in the Life of Abbey Road)” Direct YouTube link

Happy Feast of Stephen

Last night while doing dishes, I belted out my fave Christmas Carol, Good King Wenceslas. Inspired by mention of how, on Christmas Eve, my dad was singing same. I fell apart on the last verse, and had to say, Well, here’s what happened…” yadda yadda yadda The carol begins, Good King Wenceslas looked out on […]

Hey Jude

This is one of the collection of Andrew Sullivan’s entries for Mental Health Break video of the year. They’re all worth seeing.

What Obama HQ will be like on the night of Nov 3


Aah, it works, actually

Posts made earlier didn’t work. Now they do. I was feeling too busy to dig up the cause. Crap, it still is happening. Oops. Too busy to find out why. Fun. Tom Negrino wrote about listening to Emerson Lake and Palmer for the first time in some years. I did something similar. His reaction was […]

Bagpipes are bad for the environment

it’s not noise pollution, either.

Do you know this story?

I heard an anecdote, and am trying to remember who the person was in this story. Some composer plays a piece of music that he composed. After he finishes, someone the composer a question, such as, “what does it mean?” or “what was that music about?” In response, the composer plays the music all over […]


Remembering a year ago: There is Music. “When there are only a few words, there is music.”

Studio recording, distributed across the ‘Net

NPR ran a story yesterday, A Home Recorder’s Dream. This audio essay by musician Jeffrey Pepper Rogers paints a detailed picture that’s an example of the How The Net is Changing The Way We Create and It’s People-Powered Creative Endeavors memes. So glad I was in the car when that story ran. If you didn’t […]