Hey? What’s this? I just get myself back on this blog and then I say I’m going quiet again? Well, there’s old business, and there’s old business. Like old techy server business. It’s time to migrate this blog from one server to a different one. With all the creakiness of a 10-year history, including legacy […]

more testing

I didn’t want to have over a month’s downtime here. Right now I’m trying to add new posts so that the old station fire ones — with video- will scroll down the page. I think I’ve been captivated by the White Screen of Death, but fixes don’t quite work. Yet. I’ve been elsewhere and paying […]


if I quickly post something new, will that “unbreak” my site?

Stuff on my desk

Desk Clutter Scan

Inspired by Mademoiselle Gramophone’s Daily Brain Scan, I offer you a selection of trinkets that I found on my desk, which, when I take them off the scanning plate, will go elsewhere. I think: Who knew that declutter procrastination could be so fun?

Aaaand we’re back

Finally. Upgrade of WordPress complete. Back end is much, much different. Menus go vertically down the left sidebar. (note to self. Before freaking out that page only partially appears after upgrade, remember to activate all the ole plugins!)

Esprit Decor: Queer Eye for the Military Guy

Dana Milbank’s describes congressional testimony on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Those testifying on behalf of the ban didn’t help their case (read the story). Retired Army Sgt. Major Brian Jones: “‘In the military environment, team cohesion, morale and esprit de corps is a matter of life and death,’ he said. His written statement spelled it […]

This site is still rather broken

I’ll have to see if upgrading it to the latest WordPress fixes it. Or it may be that my custom hosting situation has so tricked out all the auto disallow comment spammers and the like so thoroughly that it ended up disabling me from doing anything to my site. Right now the barrier to blogging […]

tap tap tap

let’s see if this still works