What happened before today, before yesterday, before.. well, before last year, at least. That’s history.

While we’re on the topic of flu

First flu victim Edgar Hernandez — young boy is referred to as a possible Typhoid Mary. LA Times story, DowJones He’s from an area near a Smithfield-owned factory hog farm, where the stench from the pig waste is downright foul. I’ve been watching news of that farm for a few days. There are claims and […]

Thuds - a little Vietnam History

Thuds – a little Vietnam History

Thuds, the Ridge, and 100 Missions North. Air & Space Magazine, Smithsonian. On the weekend of April 4 & 5th, I was in Arizona to attend a wedding and to interview my uncle for the Veterans History Project. Among the many things my uncle did in his Air Force career was to fly F105s as […]

A search inside Das Kapital for the phrase "owners of capital": 0 results.

Das Kapitalizt Snopsen Leichtgläubig Sitz im lieben

Got this anachronistic quote in email from my brother, who works in financial realms. It was forwarded to him from someone else, and he passed it onto me. And so, I pass it onto you (with comments): “Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and […]

Thanksgiving 72 years ago, in Denver, during the Depression

Today I came across this letter postmarked November 26, 1936. It’s from my great-great-Grandmother to her daughter. ggGrandma resigned a teaching position in Taos and took the bus north to Denver. Here she describes her Thanksgiving dinner. More context and more of the letter at my other site. I have discovered most thrify places to […]

Towers of Gold at Huntington Library Friday night

Towers of Gold at Huntington Library Friday night

So, this woman goes downtown and walks into the historical society. She says, “Archivist, I’ll have a box of great great Grandpa” (his stuff. papers.) Archivist says, “Which box? I’ve got 40 of ’em” 40? Whoa. So this woman digs in and realizes she’s onto something big. Great great Grandpa BUILT California. That’s right. Built. […]

Towers of Gold book review

Towers of Gold book review

I finished reading it a week ago. I posted my review at my other site. It’s a personal family historian’s Best of All Possible Worlds scenario — follow a hankering to learn more family history for the sake of the kids, and go to the state historical society, discover not just one but dozens of […]

Arrived in the mail: Towers of Gold

[UPDATED] Just in time to help me transition out of election-obsession: Frances Dinkelspiel’s new book, Towers of Gold: How One Jewish Immigrant Named Isaias Hellman Created California (available Nov 11). It’s the story of her great-great-grandfather, Isaias Hellman, who, well, helped make California. I’ll write more at length — I’m about halfway through the book […]

From FDR to this election: an 83-year-old man recalls

This YouTube video is of a friend’s father, Michael Galloway. (Remember the Taryton man who’d rather fight than switch? That’s him!) He recalls his first political involvement at the age of 8, while he campaigns for Obama along Pacific Coast Highway, and the impact of FDR’s inauguration ceremony.

Codex Sinaiticus goes online

What’s very very old will be doing the new. Codex Sinaiticus is the oldest New Testament manuscript. I’ve been to the British Museum twice, each time arriving at 4pm (it closes at 5) and both times I went straight to the manuscript room. Can’t remember if the manuscript I was ogling was Sinaiticus or Alexandrinus. […]

Peakbagging, 1924-style: Climbing Mt. Rainier

Peakbagging, 1924-style: Climbing Mt. Rainier

I scanned some photos of my grandmother’s climb to Mt. Rainier (August 1924), and created a story on my mother site after visiting some other Mt. Rainier climb web sites to learn more about the climb and what was going on in the pictures. (Yesterday, I tried to access the scans (on a 250GB external […]