Wanted: Seeds to Grow Pizza in my Vegetable Garden

Wanted: Seeds to Grow Pizza in my Vegetable Garden

Well well well. Congress: Pizza IS a vegetable.*Saw this brilliant tweet from McGarry’s Ghost: Thinking about planting pizza in my garden next spring, now that Congress says it is a vegetable. Anyone know where I can buy pizza seeds? So, on Facebook, I said this: I guess this is the result of one of those […]


Windowfarms launches its how-to site, So! very! cool! A while back, during my sick July days (respiratory crud [nearly] all month long, oh joy), I found a site called Windowfarms. So cool. R&DIY — Research and Develop It Yourself, a project spearheaded by Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray. A New York City grow your […]

Sweet. Farmers Markets in LA

The LA Times has a map of all farmer’s market locations in LA area. Search by zip code (it’s a bit too strict, results for that zip code only, vs. zip code + surrounding area), city name, or market name. Or day of week.

Tabbouleh: It to me is like Popeye’s spinach

Courtesy of my uncle, I bring you Tabbouleh. (A definite idea for Doc M’s enthusiastic parsley plants!) Direct YouTube link

by Jeff Gates (Smithsonian American Art Museum - @AmericanArt)

Cupcake Love: Obama and Lincoln

YES WE CAKE! or CAKE WE CAN BELIEVE IN: At the Smithsonian museum, cupcake art! It’s like pixellated images, made of 5900 cupcakes: Watch video of the entire image being constructed by Zilly Cakes: UStream Video. You hear all audio of the Zilly Rosen who’s mic-ed during the entire process. I hear from @Smithsonian that […]

Keith Olbermann has a special comment about… Subway?

OMG, Teh funny, it hurts! Direct YouTube link [hat tip Ezra Klein, who’s got all kinds of bailout bloggy goodness right now]

Red wine is good for you… but HOW, precisely?

Red wine does its stuff before it hits the bloodstream. Past research has focused on wine’s anti-oxidant effects in the bloodstream. Nope. The digestion of high-fat foods such as red meat releases oxidising toxins. One in particular, called malondialdehyde, is implicated in arteriosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and a host of other serious diseases. Dr Kanner suspected […]

Strawberry Donuts and Moscato

The long wait is over. I’ve now eaten strawberry donuts from the Donut Man in Glendora, the likes of which were praised (and pictured) by Pulitzer-winning Jonathan Gold from the L.A. Weekly. Picture a glazed roll cut nearly in half, stuffed (stuffed!) with fresh strawberries in a light glaze. Or look at the picture at […]

Molecular Gastronomy: Salt does not dissolve in oil

Home truths for the kitchen and cooking. Salt does not dissolve in oil. [via Ezra Klein’s linkblog] Which explains that cool Lavender bath salt scrub that I picked up at trader joes. Lavender oil, salt. Scrub it in, and the salt does dissolve in contact with water. In the shower. The name of the expert […]

Portion size, then and now

Things got bigger. Photos for illustration purposes only. But you get the idea.