Design Patterns for Info Design

For your inner UI Geek: Information Design Patterns. Christian Behrens posts his master’s thesis (interface design) online in a flash interface, so you can browse and explore all the permutations.

10 best tracking shots and other delights

10 best tracking shots ever. Stars with the opening shot from Touch of Evil, of course. [via Whedonesque] More tracking shots. Design your own paper box. Geometric transform step and repeat is so much fun. Plus! Print it out yourself! Best online catalog. Meant to post this a while back. [both via Making Light Particles]

Best. Animation. Evar!

Animator vs. Animation. It helps, too, if you’re familiar with the Flash user interface.

There *is* ME in multimedia.

There is an I, too. Two of them. Multimedia Journalism Skills. A resource list of audio/slideshow/video/flash resources compiled by Mindy McAdams, author of Flash Journalism and the blog Teaching Online Journalism.

In praise of Objecty

What’s the quickest, easiest way to embed movies into your web page? Objecty— a javascript code library that takes care of all the wicked object embedding code. It incorporates a ton of media file types: MP4- MPEG 4 FLV – Flash Video WMP- Windows Media Player MOV – QuickTime movie YouTube Google Video No more […]

Mars Missions Timeline

It’s Flash. And cool. BTW, Phoenix mission people are working 24 hours doing whatever they’re doing to run some tests before they get ready for launch. Which is in August sometime. Ah. The spacecraft got flown from Colorado to Florida for launch. On a C-17. Oh cool. And The Timeline includes Mars Science Laboratory, an […]

Silverlight vs Flash, Adobe Media player vs Windows Media Player

as described in this Adobe vs. Microsoft smackdown. Apparently, the Silverlight introduced by Mircorsoft is trying to take on Flash. Microsoft is launching Silverlight, a direct competitor to Adobe’s Flash. Meanwhile, Adobe is launching Adobe Media Player, a rival to Windows Media Player. This could be the hardest fought battle in the rich media space…well, […]

Gen flash?

Is there a generation gap for user experience? The stuff my generation won’t abide is stuff that a younger generation finds wicked cool. Er, uh, including Flash.

Yugop: flash inspiration

Yugop. OMG. I’m blogging during class. We’re looking at inspiring sites. You go, too. Er. Yu Gop, too.

Spam recycling

Spam recycling

Spamrecycling.com: A flash site that draws beautiful pictures from your spam emails. Considering that when I got up and checked emails, 400+ arrived overnight, of which maybe 4 were legit (forget 90% spam rate, let’s talk about 99% spam rate), it was nice to see this linked to at BoingBoing and have a bit of […]