Tabbouleh: It to me is like Popeye’s spinach

Courtesy of my uncle, I bring you Tabbouleh. (A definite idea for Doc M’s enthusiastic parsley plants!) Direct YouTube link

Farewell, Frankie Manning

I learned that Frankie Manning died this week. The godfather of Lindy Hop. LA Times obit, NY Times Obit. He signed my dance shoes at a dance camp at Catalina (see foto below). Frankie “Musclehead” Manning, a Harlem dancer and Tony Award-winning choreographer widely celebrated as one of the pioneers of the Lindy Hop, a […]

Dance as if no one were watching

your moment of zen. [about that title]

I can has toe shoes?

I went to see the American Ballet Theatre perform Sleeping Beauty in Orange County last night. New production, premiered 1 June, so this is new. And wonderful. No surprise there. Had a strange moment in the third act, at the Sleeping Beauty wedding celebration, when characters from fairy tales perform. Specifically, Puss-in-boots. Here come these […]

Hand sanitizing

A few weeks ago, I saw this NYTimes article: staff at Cedars-Sinai hospital successfully modified behavior for the greater good. Culture doctors’ hands. Wait. Photograph the bacteria. Convert to screensavers hospital-wide. Watch the rate of hand-washing go way, way up. Above 90% Happy-Hospital-Certification to damn near 100%. Hooray. A few days ago I recalled the […]

Friday Trock Giggles

Been meaning to post something about this for a while. I saw Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo a coupla weeks ago. Men dancing on pointe; it’s hilarious and amazing all at the same time. The program is a gem; I’ll give you a coupla samples from it; if you like it, you can read […]

NYC Ballet

NY City Ballet is touring to So Cal. Orange County Center for the Performing Arts through this weekend, LA Music Center this next week. We went to see them today. Fabulous, simply fabulous. 2nd row seats; the woman next to us told us that the people who sit there are season ticket holders, musta had […]

James Lileks went to the Mall of America Sunday, but he didn’t tell the REAL story

In today’s bleat, James Lileks tells of his trip to the Mall of America. On Sunday. So close, and yet so far. He got a duvet, he had an interesting random encounter. All written in that breezy James Lileks bleat manner, beginning with, “It’s a sin to spend such a day indoors.” But he didn’t […]

Got Swing?

Today’s title was a phrase that I saw on a few tee shirts at swing camp. I’m catching up a bit on various weblogs after several glorious days away from a net connection (though I inquired for details at all the shops in Avalon that had “Internet Access” signs. One of ’em ? next door […]

Happy Feet

I’m back from dance camp, with a sunburn, happy feet (more or less.. my right ankle sometimes has other things to say on that score) and tons of pictures. In fact, I’m in much better shape today than I thought I’d be for classes all day followed by dancing at night. Here are a few […]