Stop Motion: Western Spagetti

(via Andrew Sullivan, who calls it a Mental Health Break. And it is. I could watch this over and over.) More about the filmmaker, Adam Pesapane, at the EatPes website, and from a recent article in Animation Magazine The concept was pretty simple: It’s the way I make spaghetti. The recipe is legit. I just […]


Fun with Type and (I think) After Effects:

Food Fight: History of wars, told by food

As someone else mentioned, there’s even an IED. If you want to understand what’s who and which wars are included, there’s a cheat sheet here

Best. Animation. Evar!

Animator vs. Animation. It helps, too, if you’re familiar with the Flash user interface.

History of Saudi Arabia infographic

This movie intro to The Kingdom has some good infographics that explain how Saudi Arabia came to be, and found oil, and what happened after that. Under 4 mins long. [via Making Light]

YouTube of the week… or the year

Pulse. A live action demonstration of animation effects. A trampoline party. Both statements are true. This is must see. (hat tip: Kai Gradert) p.s. I didn’t notice it until later, but check out the white progress bar! hee!

Super Mario Legos

Lego stop motion. Lovely soundtrack. A Grinner. [via BoingBoing]

Your Friday Fun video

Verdi. The festive table. And animation. A Very Good Thing

Say what one more time….

Pulp Fiction in Typography. (2 versions) (you know the scene, right? what? You KNOW the scene, RIGHT? What? You say ‘what’ one more time, motherf…r, and I’ll kill you! you know the scene, right? What? BLAM!)

Amazing Stop Motion Video –

Amazing Stop Motion Video – – Google Video as seen on Rocketboom