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Following #shesgeeky

The Shesgeeky conference is happening right now in the Bay area. I’m not there. I’m home. But there’s lots of activity in twitter at #shesgeeky And can I just state for the record that I’m freakin’ thrilled that the California Secretary of State is attending She’sGeeky today. There was a session on mentoring, to which […]

Los Angeles WordPress user group

And it meets at Phillippes! The original! Next Sunday morning (2/8) from 11a -1p. If you take the Gold Line or Red Line to Union Station, Phillipes is in walking distance. Out the station doors, to the street (facing Olvera street) turn right, and it’s up a block or two, located catty-corner on Alameda and […]

Things I learned the hard way

This month, Derek Powazek has been writing a series called Things I learned the Hard Way. The latest, Someone’s Always Listening, is a beaut. Coulda been so much worse. Am glad I learned my own version of “it’s a small, small world so don’t burn any bridges” long before I got involved in All Things […]

The talking television box: KPCC’s Offramp and Yaroslavsky

I went to visit my folks last night and this morning. Dad had the TV going, and –strangest thing — he had it dialed in to the feed of the LA County Supervisors meeting. Strange, especially as my folks live in Orange County. I was just about to switch it off (or mute it) when […]

Marian Anderson sings at the Lincoln Memorial, 1939

I have a dream

Direct link to YouTube video of MLK’s I have a dream speech. Stirring to watch this today after watching the “We Are One” concert yesterday at the Lincoln Memorial. There was a segment that recalled Marian Anderson singing “My Country Tis of Thee” at the Lincoln Memorial — Anderson had been barred by the DAR […]

Full moon rises while eastbound on 10

Lunacy — It Caught My Eye

Driving home from today’s WriteGirl workshop, eastbound on the 10: The full moon rises. 10 days ago, it became illegal in the State of California to send or receive text messages while driving. No risk of illegal driving for me to do that. But using a coolpix swivel camera while behind the wheel? Sheer lunacy. […]

The old train station (now a restaurant at Staion Square), Pittsburgh

Tilt-shifting my photos

Been playing with Tilt-shift at For that ultra-up close miniature look.

The most entertaining comment thread so far this year..

…can be found here: Added Bonus: Irregardless what you think conversate is a word. Ta-Nehisi Coates has, for a couple of days now, posted about the word “conversate.” He recounts his conversation with Jesse Sheidlower, author of The F Word and Editor At Large for the Oxford English Dictionary. Ta-Nehisi: So is conversate a word? […]

Migrating Mail Rules to new computer

One last mail migration detail I’ll note here for the benefit of Google search and Mac OS Apple Mail users everywhere: Moving your rules from an old computer to a new computer: On the old computer, locate the plist file for the old mail rules. You’ll find it here /MacintoshHD/Users/your_user_name/Library/Mail/MessageRules.plist Copy the file to […]

2009: Core. Realize. Connect.

Inspired by Chris Brogan’s 3 goals for 2009 [via Beth Kanter] He wanted to use words that would pull him toward his goals. I like the idea of summing up major themes for the year into three words. If you want to try the process, it works something like this: think of how you want […]