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Out with the old, in with the new, except for email migration woes

Y2K+8 ends with a new computer. The last step in migrating from old to new is email. Which (surprise, surprise) is not going smoothly. Old computer: PowerMac G4 Dual 1.25GHz. MacOS 10.4.11 New computer: MacPro 2×2.8GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon MacOS 10.5.6 Migration successes, noted. Or, how to use the MacOS Migration Assistant to successfully […]

Rose Parade Float redux

Greets to all New Year websurfers! I’m staying away from the Rose Parade this year — float construction, visiting, parade, etc. Just not gonna happen for 2008-2009. But I’ve been there, blogged that in the past, so here’s a roundup of Rose Parade float construction, judging from the past, for your viewing pleasure. Click all […]

Happy Feast of Stephen

Last night while doing dishes, I belted out my fave Christmas Carol, Good King Wenceslas. Inspired by mention of how, on Christmas Eve, my dad was singing same. I fell apart on the last verse, and had to say, Well, here’s what happened…” yadda yadda yadda The carol begins, Good King Wenceslas looked out on […]

Hey Jude

This is one of the collection of Andrew Sullivan’s entries for Mental Health Break video of the year. They’re all worth seeing.

New Speak Year

Doing some January planning. I want to re-join a Toastmaster’s Club and improve my public speaking skillz. Here are the clubs I’m looking at. If this idea interests you, you can do a search for clubs in your area. (note: once you get first page of results, find the “open to all” checkbox and click […]

Home, sweet home

Reactions to John Holdren (Science Advisor)

John Holdren on David Letterman [via AAS Blog] Chris Bowers: Hooray for Holdren… John Holdren has spent his career trying to save the planet: recently, that’s meant doing everything he can to stop global warming. Bowers saw Holdren speak and wrote to a friend about it: I saw John Holdren speak last night on global […]

John Holdren to be White House Science Advisor

ScienceInsider posts the news (well, the “strong indications” of news) that physicist John Holdren will be Obama’s Science Advisor. [via Ben Smith] Holdren is well known for his work on energy, climate change, and nuclear proliferation. Trained in fluid dynamics and plasma physics, Holdren branched out into policy early in his career. He has led […]

Aaaand we’re back

Finally. Upgrade of WordPress complete. Back end is much, much different. Menus go vertically down the left sidebar. (note to self. Before freaking out that page only partially appears after upgrade, remember to activate all the ole plugins!)

Carrie Fisher on NPR’s TOTN, Wishful Drinking, Star Wars Christmas Saga

I caught Carrie Fisher on yesterday’s NPR Talk of the Nation show, which broadcasts here in KPCC-radio-waveland at night. She’s got a new book out, Wishful Drinking. ’Twas a good show. I’ve seen her talk about her writing at the LA Times Festival of Books (in conversation with Sandra Tsing Loh), so I knew to […]

Debbi goes to Christmas Tree Lane

Debbi Swanson Patrick at Altadena Above It All went to the Christmas Tree Lane festivities Saturday evening. Photo post 1, Photo post 2. (I nearly went. This year we took a hiatus from the new-ish Christmas Tree Lane party tradition. Previously hampered by Mars Won’t Wait mode. Turned out that last weekend was a busy […]