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Fun with Type and (I think) After Effects:

Food Fight: History of wars, told by food

As someone else mentioned, there’s even an IED. If you want to understand what’s who and which wars are included, there’s a cheat sheet here


Happy Vernal Equinox which began last night, actually, when it was March 20 at 5:38 UniversalTime.

Take the PEW News IQ test

12 questions to see how much you know about politics and world affairs.

WriteGirl makes the Sierra Madre News Net

Fran Syverson attended the WriteGirl in Sierra Madre reading a week and a half ago, and wrote a report. (look at right column) Cool. And here’s a young woman reading her “angry” words—angry because of ways she’s been treated for being half Mexican. Of rudely being challenged by a stranger, “Why don’t you go back […]

Looking forward to WordPress 2.5

Post, with screenshots, comparing its features to the current 2.3 branch. This post says it’s delayed by at least a week. Good. work out all the bugs. Take a month if you need to. Otherwise, you gotta update, and four days later (or so it seems), update again cause of some small buggy bloggy pecadillo.

Panama Fever

A book Panama Fever, The Epic Story of One of the Greatest Human Achievements, written by Matthew Parker, appears in a review in the LA Times. It’s a history of the making of the canal. Or, as they refer to it there, El Canal Panamá. Morsels from the book: The Scottish canal endeavor bankrupted the […]

Cornstarch and water

Do not try this at home: Amazing properties of (lots of) cornstarch dissolved in water. I mean, I know it’s a thickener, and all, but this boggles.

Lost America at Night

Nighttime photography of the abandoned west. Includes truck-on-a-stick.

January showers bring wildflowers

California Wildflower Report. Low deserts are gorgeous. Must go. Must go soon.