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Merry Betwixt and Between

Hope your Solstice Yule Christmas Ho Ho Ho has been good. I’ve been hither and yon, logging nearly 1400 car miles with trips to NoCal and to NV to visit various and sundry. And am now home again and in bed with sniffles and coughs.

We got your War on Christmas ™, here

Pure celebrations of Jesus’ birth: Sullied for 1700 years and counting. Which is why I’ve always thought these doses of manufactured outrage from the so-called culture war is so. damn. absurd. As Jesus said, “The syncretists ye shall always have with you.”* Happy Saturnalia! Happy Yule! Cut down a tree! Merry Solstice! *okay, he didn’t […]

A bunch of links, TV and Internet edition

Oh, that internet media. Oh, that TV media. 8 Reasons Why The TV Studios Will Die by Andrew Baron, of Rocketboom. [via United Hollywood] Comedy Writers, VCs to Disintermediate TV Studios [via Infectious Greed] John Hockenberry: You Just Don’t Understand Our Audience. Hockenberry remembers his time at NBC doing Tee Vee News on Dateline in […]

The Daily Show, Colbert Report, return January 7

Fresh segments come back January 7, which is after the Jan 3Iowa caucus and the night before the NH primary. I can’t wait. They’ll be doing the show sans-writers, tho. “We would like to return to work with our writers. If we cannot, we would like to express our ambivalence, but without our writers we […]

PDF Editing and Creation

Fabulous resource: 50 open source alternatives to Adobe Acrobat. [via JD Lasica]

Thanks for all your emails this past year

I’ll share an email I got with you: Dear All, My thanks to all those who have sent me emails this past year…….. I must send my thanks to whoever sent me the one about rat shit in the glue on envelopes because I now have to use a wet towel with every envelope that […]

Saudi King pardons gang rape victim: Will KBR follow suit?

Saudi King pardons gang rape victim. Pressure and publicity work. Now, what about the American military contractor gang rape victim — for Kapture em, Bind em and Rape em (formerly Kill em Bag em Replace em), aka Kellogg Brown and Root?

Los Angeles area alert: Missing son, Adam Kellner, 34 years old.

Via an email from Jennifer Warwick, who also posted about this on her blog: Sherrill is looking for her missing son, Adam. He’s been gone since before Thanksgiving from the Stevenson Ranch area (greater Santa Clarita area). I clicked the YouTube link to see the movie (from a local ABC news story), and experienced a […]

David Dreier votes in favor of torture

David Dreier does it again. Today he voted in favor of torture. Fortunately, his vote was not in the majority, as the House of Representatives passed a bill to outlaw so-called “harsh interrogation methods,” or, in plain English, torture. Thank goodness for other representatives who have a conscience, unlike my own congressman, who supports torture […]

Spirit’s lame wheel uncovers evidence of habitable environment

Mars Rover Finding Suggests Once Habitable Environment The right front wheel of Spirit stopped turning in March 2006. Since then, the rover has been driving backwards, dragging the lame wheel along. This May, scientists noticed a bright spot in the trail of overturned dirt. They turned Spirit around for a closer look, finding high levels […]