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Spotlight on your cursor

Yep, you too can install a cute $10 piece of software on your Mac to make a spotlight follow your cursor: Mousepos√ɬ© by Boinx. It’s fabulous for software demos: people can see where the mouse is. I used it when I did the intro to podcasting session at BlogHer, and I used it this past […]

War Casualties

This story is infuriating. Soldier goes to Iraq, comes back. Is depressed. Many in his division were killed in action. He seeks help. Is told to wait. No, really, I’m feeling down, I’m feeling suicidal. Sorry, there are others in line ahead of you. It does not end well. There are many comparisons between Vietnam […]

Blogging your hometown

New blog: Foothill Cities, blogging about several cities in the San Gabriel Valley, next to the foothills. Good find. [via Living in Monrovia] Looks like another one to go to Placeblogger.

Pocky Sticks

Chocolate-covered pseudo-pretzel stick. Has Japanese characters on it. Best of all, the box says “Men’s” But women can eat it, too. [note: this post brought to you by a working demo of WordPress. That is all.]

Tagging Begats. 5 things meme, redux

Trust a genealogist to follow the tagging begats. I got tagged in December, and wrote my five and then tagged five–deliberately choosing new people, one of whom is the host of the genealogy carnival. She caught on and now it’s going gangbusters among geneabloggers. And Randy Seaver is keeping track of multiple generations of tagging. […]

On this day in 1948: Gold!

Wired recalls, and, in so many words, compares that gold rushes to more recent tech booms: “While the gold rush made millionaires out of some, most prospectors did not strike it rich.”

LA Freeways from the air

My good friend Kelly has posted husband Tim’s photos of LA freeways from the air. It looks like the 4-level interchange (My bad. Wrong location). Great stuff.

Stonehenge, single-handed

How did they move and erect those great standing stones? Here’s a YouTube movie of one man’s quest to single-handedly move incredibly heavy and bulky objects using extremely low-tech tools (no pulleys, no winches). Gravity, man. It’s great. [via J-Walk Blog via Genea-musings]

We hold these truths to be self-evident

that all Republican white males are created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. Among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The rest of you, if the worst storm hits, bringing ruin upon you, well, you can go fuck yourselves. If you’re a democratic white female governor, […]

Sudden weather change in L.A.

…or not. An article on JPL’s home page mentions that when the weather station for downtown Los Angeles went from a rooftop location (atop the Dept of Water and Power building) to a lower elevation (on campus of USC), the weather trends changed. Why is Los Angeles weather front-page worthy on the Jet Propulsion Lab […]