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From Malibu Ferrari to Monrovia Transit

Bouncing around the world…. the Swedish guy whose rare red Ferrari breaks in half in Malibu pulls out some quizzical ID from the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority. He’s eventually busted for theft and fraud. But a blog in Australia (okay, it’s a Californian who moved to Australia) digs into the connection, and in a […]

Cloudsat launched in the wee hours this morning

It’s gonna go. No, it’s scrubbed: Communication problems. Rescheduled. Nope, weather problems. Rescheduled. Oops, try again. Such was the Will it? Won’t it? back n forth over the last coupla weeks as the rocket with Cloudsat and Calipso sat on the launch pad at Vandenberg, waiting for the right time to launch in its split-second […]

Book Festival this weekend

LA Times Festival of Books takes place this weekend at UCLA. I’ll be there. I stood in line last Sunday to get tickets to the panels (sorry, Kevin Roderick, it turns out I’m not going to one that you’re moderating, though I believe Doc M might be). It’s always a hither and yon thing, attending […]

Rising Gas Prices

Okay, okay, contrary to what I jokingly said to Grrl the other night on the fone, the rise in gas prices is not to pay for that Exxon CEO’s obscene retirement package. This who’s to blame roundup by Joe Gandelman states several theories, of which one –by Henry Payne of the Detroit News — stood […]

Fleming Cannon returned

Fleming Cannon returned Originally uploaded by auntialias. After dinner at the Athenaeum, we ambled down the walkway to the spot in front of Fleming Hovse where the cannon has resided (one of our number was part of the party that liberated the cannon from the San Marino school from whence it came back in the […]

Wine Cellar Dinner at the Athenaeum

No, this is not the steam tunnels Originally uploaded by auntialias. No, this is not the steam tunnels. A table for 12 set in the wine cellar of the Caltech Athenaeum. Notice the many wine glasses. One paired with each course (of which there were many). Notice the pipes above. We are in a cellar. […]

L’Affaire Potter

It helps to have read Half Blood Prince: scott_lynch: L’Affaire Potter [via TNH] “All shall love me and despair” hee.

Mappa Petrol

(One of these days I’m gonna stop entitling links to some new map using the name “Mappa [something]” Today’s not the day.) USA National Gas Temperature Map Gas prices in this country range from $2.30 to $3.33. See who’s paying bottom dollar and top dollar (and in-between dollar) on this map. [via the Map Room]

Beautiful Rotating Blue Marble

Courtesy of Bad Astronomy, a link to Messenger (a space mission to Mercury: MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging) — since Mercury zips so fast around the sun, the spacecraft has to be bounced here and there around the inner solar system to pick up speed. And so it flew by Earth last August. […]

Cloudsat launch rescheduled

The launch was scrubbed. Today’s attempt to launch the CALIPSO and CloudSat satellites was scrubbed at T-48 seconds due to loss of the primary and backup phone communications between the Mission Director Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base and the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) Space Command in Toulouse, France. So. Tonight, stay up to […]