for later research on iPods, iTunes and easy item deletion

So I got a used iPod 3Generation. Did the big battery check (it played for 7 hours 55 minutes under regular circumstances, so I guess it’s okay. Gotta learn what battery indicator means. It’ll run quite some time on “empty battery” status). I’ve been downloading various podcasts. I don’t do automatic syncing between iTunes and iPod. Instead it’s manual, very manual. (esp as I use iPod as recording device in Linux and Apple iPod OSes, and want to keep lotsa space on iPod for possible recordings).

Here’s what I’d like to learn how to do: if I’ve played a show on iPod, I want to delete the show from both the iPod and the computer. And figure out a way to do that without having to manually do it. Otherwise, ferget it; it’s too much trouble.

Will hafta do a bunch a research, don’t have time for it now. If you happen to read this and happen to know and (against all odds) it happens to be easy, I’d appreciate a word of advice.

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