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I Resolve to Go with my Passion

Okay… here’s my list of “as I think of it” New Year’s resolutions. In my earlier post about listing the accomplishments of the old year, I was impressed by Katrina’s 2005 resolution (see comments) to take herself seriously as an actor. She got an acting gig from an audition this year. Congrats! It struck me […]

Eric Drew: Easier to get over cancer than identity theft

The story of the lowest of the low, and the leukemia patient who got outta bed with a backpack of IV drips and meds, to track down his identity thief: The lowest scam [via Amy Alkon]

Tsunami anniversary journey journalism

You must—must— go to Evelyn Rodriguez at Crossroads Dispatches… she’s on a 2-month tour of Asia for the anniversary of the Tsunami. She arrived in Thailand on December 15th and has been talking to people and blogging her experiences.

Back from the Holidays Part One

Happy Christmas, Merry Hannukah, and a Blessed Solstice and all that Jazz. I gave myself a break from the Internets for the Holiday. Hope you wound down a bit and simplified things. I only missed the Internets at one moment. If I’d’ve brought along a book, I wouldn’t have missed the Internets at all. But […]

getting a jump on New Year’s Resolutions

January 1 comes at such an inconvenient time. There’s so much rush. Do this. Buy that. Make this. Pack that. And do it all before Christmas. etc. Then there’s that New Year’s Resolution thang. I’ve got a little monkey on my back about that. Monkey, he say, “Eee-eee-eee-eee! Hey, Susan, what were your resolutions for […]

knowing the grid

I’ve got a map in my head. While driving, I’m always calculating how to get there. Doc M, long a bicycle rider (and therefore in much better physical condition), is somewhere between jealous and admiring of my map-in-head. It’s sorta genetic; all my family has it. Anyway, I popped over to Heathervescent to see what […]

Printing Digital Photos

My mother will be amazed that so off-the-cuff a remark as the one she made at Thanksgiving (“I don’t care if you got photos of everybody already. I never see the photos you guys take with your digital cameras”) is having a long-lasting effect, but it is. Today I’m trying out the “upload your photos […]

Propeller head

December—thus far—has seen lots of time devoted to a good old fashioned desktop publishing job; I’ve been assisting a design firm here in town to complete a product catalog. (for ceiling fans, hence the title of this post). I worked on an earlier incarnation 2 years ago; we sent it to press around Thanksgiving. So […]

for later research on iPods, iTunes and easy item deletion

So I got a used iPod 3Generation. Did the big battery check (it played for 7 hours 55 minutes under regular circumstances, so I guess it’s okay. Gotta learn what battery indicator means. It’ll run quite some time on “empty battery” status). I’ve been downloading various podcasts. I don’t do automatic syncing between iTunes and […]


Dave Winer mentions on his site… I wrote him this note about it, as I remember when it was first announced (though I haven’t been it too closely) That site was started by the folks at DirectNIC. The Interdictor web site (a live journal site by Michael Barnett, friend of the owner of DirectNIC, […]