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Santa Susana Fire news at Ztuff

Hot and clear and crisp where I am. But this morning, driving east from the Pasadena area, I saw smoke clouds in the rear view mirror from the San Fernando Valley. I checked old posts from the fires a couple of years ago for the blogger out in the Simi Valley who blogged fires in […]

Hacked, oh joy

I’d gone to quite a bit of trouble to compose a post describing how my web provider, ipowerweb, got hacked yesterday just after a big server outage (again? Damn!). Had many many sentences here, describing all in lurid detail. But then something happened to the browser, and poof! it all went away. So this is […]

I Remember

Found: I Remember, a wherein Andy Detskas writes (daily or nearly daily) something he remembers. One sample: Bowling Ball—I remember being 10 and rolling a bowling ball, still inside it’s bag, down a large hill outside the bowling alley. My brother and I found this to be hilarious and much more fun than the bowling […]

Grateful acknowledgement goes to

Frances Dinkelspiel at Ghost Word points to a WSJ article about the Acknowledgement sections of books (Diane Keaton was thanked in the acknowledgements of one book; she did nothing—nothing!—for that particular book). My, how they’ve grown of late, those book acknowledgments. Frances says she turns to the acknowledgements (or, as I call them, “acks”) first […]

Coffee Talk

Green LA Girl talks about Fair Trade coffee at her series, Coffee Crisis. [via LAist] I try to buy Shade Grown coffee, available at my friendly neighborhood Trader Joe’s. I’ve even blogged it. And I didn’t blog it, but I called family members when I saw that TJ’s carries Cafe Duran, from Panamá! Woo Hoo! […]

Operation Eden

A blog I just discovered. “A personal chronicle of what hurricane Katrina has done to my poor proud people. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and travel with me through this.” Words and Photographs. Site found via Making Light‘s Particles, linking to a post in the middle of the blog’s ongoing story: you are […]

Yahoo buys and then quietly breaks it

Sometime in the spring, was up for sale. Then the announcement came: Yahoo bought it. Recently, Yahoo broke it. The search form was gone, all of a sudden. Then they posted a note: Search has temporarily been disabled Let me tell you how I use search with When I come across a weblog […]

I have a new love

It started out today—a perfect fall day—where I looked at Doc M’s potted basil plant on his patio and said, “Wow, that’s really grown a lot. I’ve never made pesto. I shall make pesto. Today. Right now.” And I did so, from the Cook’s Illustrated recipe (secret: bruise the basil by putting it in a […]

Sweet (literary) relief

Just saw this link on Poets & Writers about relief efforts related to Katrina (and, no doubt, Rita) and the Gulf Coast. For libraries, assisting writers, and more. I see that there’s a Long Beach, CA poetry reading benefit next month. (Oct 13).

Being Educated by Rita

A list of Hurricane-watching sites: National Weather Service Lake Charles Office’s RitaBlog. They’ve got aeron chairs in their conference room (see occasional post with “Click here for pic of the staff listening in” or somesuch.) Houston Chronicle: Rita (by Chron staff) Houston Chronicle: StormWatchers (by “citizen journalists”) Houston Chronicle: SciGuy Good info since back in […]