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Mary Karr: Related Offenses

A nice treat in the Sunday Book Review section of the LA Times: Related offenses Not long before my mother died, the tile guy redoing her kitchen pried from the wall a tile with an unlikely round hole in it. He …quipped, “Now Miss Karr, this looks like a bullet hole.” Lecia didn’t miss a […]

Deep Throat Unmasks Himself

Deep Throat is 91 years old and living in Santa Rosa, California. UPDATE: Washington Post: Woodward confirms that Mark Felt is Deep Throat. Mark Felt was #2 at the FBI at the time. My ears perked up to the Deep Throat story when I heard John Dean speak at the LA Times Festival of Books; […]

Rocketboom: Memorial Day Musical

Today’s Rocketboom features a Memorial Day Musical: “Is this the way to Amarillo”

NASA Chief visits JPL

Pasadena Star-News article. Hey, I didn’t know that Mike Griffin formerly worked at JPL. Griffin, once a JPL engineer, returned after many years to address JPL employees and tour the facility as part of his official round of NASA’s field centers. I heard he fielded a pointed question about Earth Science. NASA Watch points to […]

Habemus Rationality

Science & Theology News: Pope advocates conversation between scientists, Vatican. On the dialog between scientists and theologians: “We must seek the way in which one [side] discovers the rationality of the other and [must] develop a genuine dialogue.” Papa, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

Flickr Blog Story: Cooking Mole, a 2-day adventure

04-Mole, Day 1: Pulling Veins, part of a Photo Series documenting the entire two-day process Originally uploaded by auntialias. This set of step-by-step photos takes you through a cooking adventure earlier this year, making mole. (I got inspired to finally post these by a post over at Looka on mole (scroll down a bit). Thanks, […]

Mastering Expressions

It’s an AfterEffects thing: Mastering Expressions Expressions are, basically, JavaScript (hey, Dori!!!) for doing certain things in AfterEffects. All I want to do is find a way to create random jittery motion without having to shell out big bucks to upgrade After Effects to the Pro edition.

Dear Grammy

Lisa Williams writes a letter to her Grandma I’m married and have two children now, Grammy. I think about you a lot now that I have children of my own. I think you would like them a lot, and I hope you would like the person I am today.

Worldwide Digital Photo Exhibit opens this weekend

600 images / 60 artists / 6 curators / 6 cities Bangkok-Berlin-London-Los Angeles-Manila-Saigon May 28 — June 25, 2005 (Los Angeles; most other locations open June 4 or 6) Artist’s Reception: Saturday, May 28, 71–0 pm (from the postcard) A network of 6 curators in 6 cities explore the possibility of assembling entirely through the […]

Digital Preservation

Jeff Schewe on the preservation of Digital Photos. [via Dangerousmeta] The issues he raises are the same for the preservation of all digital media, including audio and video. Digital photography is incredibly fragile and subject to corruption or erasure. It must be stored in redundant media and in redundant locations to be assured that images […]