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Gotta Get My Stuff Done

I saw this a while back, a movie about procrastination. Meant to blog it, but didn’t. (I musta procrastinated!) Gotta Get My Stuff Done. More Tales of Mere Existence movies at

The Man Who Saved the World Finally Recognized

He was responsible for pushing the BIG RED button. And didn’t. The Man Who Saved the World Finally Recognized as featured by [via PapaScott]

Mary Mapes to write a memoir

From the Publisher’s Lunch list of publishing deals that have been sold: Longtime television news journalist for CBS Evening News and Sixty Minutes Mary Mapes’ memoir, portraying “what really happened at CBS” [in particular with Dan Rather’s controversial story about George W. Bush’s National Guard service] and “revealing the corporate, political and ideological agendas that […]

Google Van Gogh

Today, according to Google, is Van Gogh’s birthday.

magnitude 8.2 quake in Indonesia

Info for event usweax. Saw this on Moleskinerie. And just this morning I was mentioning that this weekend was the 3-month anniversary of the tsunami.

True words about time

Althouse: Easter and the end of Spring Break. [via Glenn Reynolds] If you ever wish you could have more time to get something done, just remember: if you did have more time, you wouldn’t get more done. The extra time would melt away, and you’d be back feeling pressure to get it done in too […]

Real Live Preacher on father daughter talks at Starbuck’s

We Can Talk at Starbuck’s My daughter doesn’t believe in God right now. Why do I feel so happy? Because she wasn’t afraid to tell me.

New (to me) blog: Ghost Word

Happy new blog discovery for the day: Ghost Word, by Frances Dinkelspiel, a bay-area reporter who’s working on a narrative biography. Lots and lots about writing and books. Her post on writing friends explores the social and support side of a solitary profession. It struck a chord with me. Which I may write about more […]

Not the 2nd wettest year

Yesterday, LA Observed ran a rejected LA Times op-ed piece: Not the 2nd wettest year. The Ralph Shaffer op-ed notes the existence of the wettest year, 1861-1862. That rain-year isn’t in the reckoning for the wettest year ever-lists being bandied about in the news (and on this site), because the “official list” began fifteen years […]

Chuck Carter, where are you? Myst island birthday cake

Ned Batchelder: Myst island birthday cake Saw this on boingBoing. Loved it. Myst is the only computer game I got into (have but haven’t played the sequel). What’s this about Chuck Carter? Chuck’s a friend; he worked on Myst. I wanted to send word to him about it, but the email addy I have doesn’t […]